Evolution Of Jewish Law

By Jonathan Simon

Evolution Of Halacha

Jewish Law has developed throughout the ages. There are many laws which still stand today and form the basis of several laws in hundreds of countries. Even though time has persisted and certain laws are inapplicable to today, High rabbis have interpreted and altered the laws in a way so it could be applied to todays situation.



'' There are two main parts of Jewish Law; The Oral and Written Law ''

The Oral Law

The Oral Law was passed down via mouth throughout generations but was eventually codified due to the worry of the law being lost. The Oral Law comprises of the Mishnah, Gemara, Commentary, Codes and Responsa.

Mishnah - The Mishnah was written in 160CE. it as well as the Gemarah come together to form the Talmud. The Mishnah itself consists of six books

Gemarah - The Gemarah was written in the fourth century and it is a documentation of the analysis and discussion carried out by the rabbis following the compilation of the Mishnah. It also comes together with the Mishnah to form the Talmud.

The Responsa - The Responsa is a very basic part of the oral law, it is the documentation of questions people have asked Rabbis that may come up in the lives of others as well as the response given by the rabbis, hence the name Responsa.