Alexander Hamilton

Hero For All TIme

Early Life

  • Born on January 11, 1755 in Britain
  • Family was poor
  • Parents had relationship problems
  • Mother died of sickness
  • Got enough money to go to school
  • Fought in Revolutionary War
  • Took interest in polotics
  • Became the Secretary of Treasury


  • Didn't give up on idea of Central Bank
  • Denied rumors that he would steal money
  • Kept going even though people did not want a bank


  • Never stopped fighting
  • Horse was shot but he kept going
  • Stayed with his army in all the battles
  • Didn't crumble when his mother died
  • Moved to America by himself


  • Learned English quickly and wrote in the Federalist
  • Wrote over 50 entries
  • Formed his own army to train for battles

The Federalist

Hero For All Time

  • Made the Central Bank
  • Showed the future generations that even if you didn't grow up under the best circumstances, that you can still be succesful


  • Showed perseverance when he gathered up enough money to come to America and create Central Bank
  • Displayed courage when he moved to America by himself and fought hard
  • Showed ambition when he made his own army and wrote the Federalist
  • Is now on the 10 dollar bill