Brain Changes

How Does Our Brain Change When We Learn?

Basic Facts About The Brain

  • The brain is the most complex thing to understand in the world.
  • The brain feels no pain because the brain lacks nerves.
  • Your brain stopped growing at age of 18.
  • If you get no sleep that means your brain can not function well, and you will lose the ability to create new memories such as learning new things in school.
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Facts About Learning And How It Helps Your Brain

  • Adults who speak multiple languages are more likely to be creative and have better focus than people who only spoke one language
  • Memory lost is due to chronic stress that is caused by overloaded work
  • Too much homework can be considered overloaded work
  • Learning new things keeps your brain growing, not in the size but the storage size

Everyday and every moment when you go to school and learn you are teaching your brain/yourself something new to discover more each day.