Why is norway one of the best countries to live in

The basics of Norway

The capital city of Norway is Oslo. Norway is a country located in Europe. Norway has a total area of 385,252. The population of Norway is 5,165,800. Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia. The control of Norway is divided into three parts the king, supreme court and parliament. Norway was a complete monarchy until 1661. Erna Solberg is the current prime minister of Norway. King Harold the fifth is the current monarch of Norway.

The education of Norway

The education of Norway is separated into three parts. There is elementary school which is ages 6 to 13. Lower secondary school which is ages 13 to 16. Upper secondary school which is ages 16 to 19. In elementary school the kids are introduced to math, science, Norwegian, and religion. In lower secondary school the kids are graded which determines if they get to go to the high school of their choice. Upper secondary school is like college and/or university. So their education is very organized.

Atractions of Norway

Health care of Norway

In Norway hospitals are funded by the public which is part of the national budget. A downside of the health care is that everyone over the age of 16 must pay a fee for medical treatment. But everyone under the age of 16 do not pay a fee for medical treatment. In Norway there are a small amount of privately owned clinics. Norway is ranked 11th worldwide in health care. The fee for health care in Norway is averaged at around 2040 Norwegian krone. Also there is no fee for nursing women.

Quality of living

Norway is ranked third in the world as a country to live in. Norway scored a 8.09 out of 10.

Unfortunately Norway is a very expensive place to live in. With the rent of apartments going up to 7,452.89 Norwegian krone. But if your are coming from Canada to live in Norway 7 Norwegian krone is worth 1.10 Canadian dollars. The average income of a Norwegian is 58,810 Norwegian krone. So even though its expensive to live in Norway the income of a Norwegian can smoothly help them live the way they want to and suit there way of living.

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