Paying it Forward

By Lauren Van Horn

These are some easy simple steps to making our world better. Enjoy reading this story and please try to do something to make our world better.

Sometimes someone may be feeling down or having trouble. A lot of the time those people that are having trouble or feeling down need help with that situation. Maybe someone has a lot of stuff to carry and is struggling to get the door open. You could open the door for them, that’s helping someone or paying it forward. Paying it forward is a simple way to help someone and can make a huge impact on how people treat each other today. Maybe you would pick up a book if someone dropped it in the hallway, then that might make them feel good and want to help someone else. This may be a never ending chain of kindness and can make a tremendous impact on how people treat each other today. See how the simplest things can make a huge impact?!

One act of kindness I have done today is holding the door open for several people during reading class. The door had locked and that person couldn’t get in. I got up in the middle of class to open up the door for them. I was surprised because no one else had gotten up to hold the door open for them.

One other act of kindness I did yesterday was helping someone understand their homework. They had no clue how to do it. I helped them understand the multiplication facts on their paper. After I tutored them they

understood the facts perfectly.

So now you get how paying it forward works, and doesn’t it make a huge difference in our lives. Another type of paying it forward could be picking up trash which is paying it forward to the earth. Sure, the earth won’t be paying it forward because it’s not alive. But it still makes a difference in our community. Just because something can’t pay it forward at all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something for it. Just a little thing can make a huge, huge difference.
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It's just one simple step for everyone to make our earth better.

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Please enjoy this presentation on bullying. It's one way we can pay it forward, we need to stop bullying now!