A ruthless virus of the genus Papillomavirus, transmitted sexually can cause skin and genital warts in humans and can be associated with various cancers. Including cervical cancer,

Organisms Affected and Transmittion

HPV is transmitted through intimate skin to skin contact and affects the skin, throat, mouth, feet, fingers, nails, anus and cervix of the human body.

Infections and Body Systems Attacked

This virus infects the throat, vulva, vagina, penis, mouth, nostrils and the genitals are mainly affected and puts females at high risk of cervical cancer at any age.

Symptoms and Found

Human Papillomavirus Virus causes genital and non genital warts, several types of cancer in humans but is found more in other organisms than human beings. It is found in every 1/435 peoples worldwide.


Because HPV is so common, the HPV virus is given to teens as a vaccine to prevnt them from getting it later on in their life. Another way to prevent HPV is by using condoms, only having one partner, and/or not having sex at all.


There is no treatment for the human papillomavirus virus. The only cures would be to have surgery, wart removal, medicines and it will go away on its own.