Jackson's poems

poems created by Jackson in 2012-2013

Bio Poem


Who is humorus, unorganized, friendly, sarcastic

Son of Dan and Heidi

Lover of dogs and Star Wars

Who fears spiders and stalkers

Who needs to take things seriously and act solem once in a while

Who would like to see man fly and center of the Earth

Resident of Iowa


Limerick Poem

There there once was an alien named Bog,

he did like to run or jog,

he once ate a duck,

the feathers he first plucked,

and then he turned into a hog!

Hiaku Poem

Star Wars is so rad,

it almost makes me go mad,

good thing its not sad.

Diamante Poem


solem, loyal,

immortal, hunts, crafts,

Rivendell, Legolas / Gimli, Erebor,

mines, fights, hides,

small, brave,


Acrostic Poem


Acts when needed

Cool person

Kind of radical

Saying syke it!

Ok kid

Not weird!

Couplet Poems

That cat is super fat,

Its just funny like that.

My dog will eat any kind of log,

I think hes related to hogs.

Soccer can be a really painful sport,

Getting kicked in the gut is no support.

Shape Poem

Ring, ring rule them all, own them all, confuse them all,

take them to your master,

ring ring show them all,

all your wrath and anger