Curriculum Connections

January 2016

Linking to Teacher Resources

Happy New Year from the MVESC Curriculum Staff! Where does the time go? It seems like we were just saying welcome back to the new school year and here we are, halfway through the school year. Enjoy the resources we have included in the MVESC January Curriculum Connections. If you have ideas you would like to see in future issues, connect with us below.

Leveled Reading Resources

Are you and your students in need of lists of books at various Accelerated Reader levels? Check out these links!

Notable Social Studies Trade Books

"Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People is an annual reading list of exceptional books for use in social studies classrooms, selected by social studies educators."

Find the 2014 and 2015 lists published by the Children's Book Council (CBC) and the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) on the CBC Website and the NCSS website.

Testing Resources from Assessment Consortiums

Use assessment sample items from the Common Core Assessment Consortiums and other resources for student test preparation. Click on the links below for practice items.



Ohio AIR

Florida AIR

Other State Resources:


New York



More states and test items

Trending Tools for Early Childhood Educators

Check out these 10 trending tools for Early Childhood Educators!

ECE Technology: 10 Trending Tools for Teachers

Achieve the Core‘s Mathematics Coherence Map

Achieve the Core‘s Coherence Map is an interactive website that illustrates the coherent structure of Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics K-8. Click here to read more and for the website link.

Penalize schools for test 'opt-outs,' or let them game the system? Bill would lift penalties

Districts are concerned that all the kids opting-out of state tests last year could lower the grades on the state report cards, but a bill proposed in the Ohio House would block them from being counted in calculations. Read more

Value-Added Adjustment

Value-added is now being weighted for teachers and schools due to the additional subject areas for value-added, the new report card and acceleration policies.

Click here for more information.

Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth Mindset

All educators care deeply about their students' motivation. They want them to love learning, and to be resourceful and persistent in the face of learning challenges. In this context, the growth mindset entered the scene. Here is an interesting article on false growth mindset and how to identify the difference.


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