All About Antonio Huerta

All About Me

!0 Things About Me

1. Love playing videogames

2. Like to play my instrument - Alto Saxophone

3. Have four brothers and one sister

4. Like Mexican Food - Tamales

5. Enjoy spending time with family

6. Like Action Movies

7. Like sleeping

8. Do not like pickles

9. Like to wear sweatpants

10. Like Mexican Music

Additional Photographs

My Most Embarrassing Moment

The most embarrasing moment I have experienced so far was when I went to the girl's restroom accidentally. I really had to go the restroom, so I accidentally walked in there. When I looked around, the restroom did not look familiar. The more I looked around, the more I knew that this wasn't the boys restroom. When I had finally decided that this was not the boys restroom, I decided to look outside outside of the restroom. When I looked outside to check, there it was. The sign that said girls restroom. So I just walked straight into the boys restroom and acted natuarally as if nothing happened. .

Weird Questions

1. Why are you so short?

2. Why are you so smart?

3. Why are you so light skinned?