Google Adwords PPC Course in Mumbai

Google Adwords (PPC) Course in Mumbai

04 January, 2014:

Why SEO is needed

Google started its advertising model in 1999. Google introduced AdWords in 2000, but it was a CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) model. In 2002, Google started the PPC Ad model (Google Adwords).

Much before Google started Adwords, the PPC model was already available to Yahoo because Goto (Overture) had started using PPC for it’s advertisers from 1998. But Yahoo! started using the PPC model only after it acquired Overture in 2003.

Today, Google AdWords, Yahoo! and MSN are the largest providers of PPC ads in their network. Yahoo! And MSN (BING!) have merged to form “Adcenter”.

PPC is certainly here to stay. The biggest advantage to an advertiser is the time factor. The moment an ad is placed, it starts receiving clicks, and most of the clicks received are quite relevant because the Ads show up only when a “key word” that the advertiser has included in the campaigns has been searched for. Advertisers need to pay only if someone clicks on those ads. PPC ads are very useful if a website is new, it helps the website to establish itself by getting some quick visitors. For an established website it helps to maintain and attract more visitors and convert visitors into paying customers.

PPC ads are quite simple to set up and it requires a good strategy, planning, monitoring, and budgeting. Bid amounts, campaign budgets, daily spend, monthly spend… that is, the amount that an advertiser is willing to spend per click, can be set by the advertiser. The placement of the ads depends upon the bids and the performance of the ads.

PPC is one of the most sought after online marketing strategies because of the fast and effective results. PPC is definitely here to stay.

Our Global SEO Training Institute (SEO Institute in Mumbai) offers the best SEO/SMM/PPC/Digital Marketing & PHP/ASP.Net training in the industry along with practical inputs. The SEO/SMM/PPC/Digital Marketing & PHP/ASP.Net course offered by us provides student with comprehensive knowledge and exhaustive training in the field of SEO, an absolute trump card for any online business enterprise. We have designed SEO/SMM/PPC/Digital Marketing & PHP/ASP.Net course in such a way, that on completion of this course, student will have absolute understanding of strategies and skills required to be successful in this challenging field of internet marketing.

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