2015 fashion marketing review

Hazel Olmedo

#1: Bow Ties

Men's bow ties is one item we've seen become increasingly trendy in our community, especially in men's fashion window displays in our local malls.
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Leggings started to make a reemergence from when they had first gotten their traction in the 80s. This 80s revival trend for 2015 just pushes leggings as a fashion staple even more.
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#3: Pocket Squares

Because of the trend in bow ties and men's accessories in general, we assumed there was likely other products that might make for great online business opportunities.As it turns out, bow ties aren't the only men's fashion accessory that's gaining traction these days. Pocket squares are also commanding some strong attention.
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#4: Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans started off a few years ago as this uber and frankly way too trendy item in every girl’s closet. Their birth as baggy relaxed jeans totally opposite to their skinny siblings, had probably something to do with the 80s mom jeans (that too are back in fashion) and the classic boot cut denim design of the 90s
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#5: Uggs

In "The Return of the Ugg Boot," editors at the world's foremost fashion magazine make their case: "In the last month, how many times have you declined to step into your razzle-dazzle heels and opted for a pair of Uggs instead? Once? Twice? Or perhaps like fashion's coterie of Ugg revivalists, which includes Pixie Geldof, Ashley Williams
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