Belridge Secondary ESC News

September 2021

From the Principals Desk

Term Three has drawn to a close and all students have been participating in a variety of learning opportunities offered here at Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre and these have occurred on and off the school site. Some of the programs that various classes participate in are: Swimming, DFES Cadet Program, Agri-Foods, Community Access, Sporting Excursions and Incursions and Workplace Learning to name a few. All of these programs align with your child’s Individual Education Plan and are implemented alongside the Australian Curriculum. IEP’s for students were emailed to families in the last week of Term Three. If you did not receive the email please contact the office when school recommences.

Whole School Athletics Carnival

Many of our students participated in the recent Whole School Athletics Carnival alongside their BSC peers. It is hard to describe the feeling of inclusivity and the spirit that is demonstrated by all students who encourage, cheer and support each other showcasing our ‘Two Schools, One Community “ethos regardless of educational placement. Congratulations to everyone who competed, gave their all and cheered on their classmates. The weather was perfect and we could not have wished for a better day. A huge thank you to the BSC Phys-Ed department and to our Sports Coordinator Mr Tom Cann for all their hard work in organising such a big event. Thank you also to all staff for their efforts on the day.

Transition Planning

Our prospective Year 7 students have now participated in the first of their transition days here at Belridge Secondary ESC. By all accounts the students enjoyed their time in a secondary environment and are excited about joining us next year. The students all really enjoyed their first two visits to Belridge and we look forward to welcoming them again next term. Conversely, many of our Year 12 students are planning and participating in a range of opportunities to prepare them for life beyond school.

Important Dates to Remember

There are many events planned for Term Four so please keep your eye on the important dates on the front of each newsletter and put the dates in your diary or on your calendar.

School returns for Term Four on Monday the 11th of October. Our graduating Year 12 students will have their Graduation Ceremony in Week 3 on Thursday the 28th of October and our annual Market Day will be held on Thursday the 18th of November. I sincerely hope you and your family have had a relaxing school holiday break. Stay safe and I hope the sun continues to shine. I will be away on Long Service Leave for Week One of the term and look forward to seeing you all refreshed for Term Four.

Jenine Wall


Important Dates

Monday 11th October - First day of Term 4

Thursday 28th October - Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Monday 1st November - Employment Supports Information Session - Year 10 families - 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Thursday 18th November - MARKET DAY

Tuesday 23rd November - OPEN School Board Meeting

Wednesday 1st December - Year 12 Graduation Assembly & Parent Morning Tea

Thursday 16th December - Last day of Term 4 students

Middle School News

WOW I can't believe we are at the end of Term Three, time fly’s when you’re having fun.

Middle school classes have taken part in a number of educational activities this semester. 7-1 have been attending weekly swimming lessons at the Joondalup HBF Arena, 7-2 always looks forward to their weekly Home Economics sessions. This week they have made both hamburgers and chocolate chip cookies. 7-3 have been refining their recycling initiative since attending a recycling incursion which provided insight into best practice. 8-1 have taken part in the Mullaloo Coastal Project this term as active participants in coastal conservation while 8-2 have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Novel, ‘Penguin Bloom’ by Chris Kunz, based on the screenplay. The students wait patiently each day waiting for that time of the day when the novel comes out so they can to continue reading from where they left off the day before.

9-1 have been discussing safe and unsafe behaviours and what qualities make a ‘good’ friend. 9-1 were great at cheering each other on and being a good friend at the sports carnival in week 7. 9-2 have blown me away with their amazing STEM projects, which are robots, individually designed by students, made out of cardboard boxes and other art materials, designed to help mankind e.g. keep the environment clean, protect and serve. MAG 1 have really enjoyed swimming this term and it is always the highlight of the week. Lastly we had Crystal Thompson our Science teacher invite West Oz Wildlife into our school to showcase and run an interactive incursion with students around native animals to raise awareness and enthusiasm for our environment, conservation, and our precious endangered species. The feedback was extremely positive.

We are excited to report that we have had our second, year seven transition day for our year six students who will be joining us in 2022. We have a large cohort of year seven students enrolled for next year which is very exciting. It has been great to see so many friendships forming already. We have two more transition days coming up in term four which we are looking forward to.

We have had a number of middle school assemblies this term which everyone always looks forward to. It is an opportunity to celebrate and commend students on all their achievements. We also had some of our year nine students take part in the whole school science quiz in the library at lunch time and won treats and vouchers for outstanding results. All students should be very proud of themselves and their many achievements.

We also celebrated athletics carnival middle school champions this term. The athletics carnival was held on the 3rd of September. Our champion boys for middle school were Oliver Bruce, James King and Hayden Galbraith and our champion girls were Sienna MacKinnon, Chloe Penn and Liv Dyrting. It was also great to see so many of our middle school students set some school records in their sprints and jumps!!!!!!!! Well done to BLUE (Manta-Ray) for winning the overall shield on the day with 1544 points, followed by GOLD (Sharks) with 1296 points, followed by GREEN (Marlins) with 1003 points.

As the Term draws to a close, I would like to wish everybody a safe and happy two week break and I look forward to seeing you all day one of Term Four. Best wishes everyone.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Speaking Out Survey

Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre was asked to participate in the 2021 Speaking Out Survey, an initiative by the Commissioner for Children and Young People. The survey took place in weeks 6, 7 and 8 of Term 3 and was facilitated by Lauren Thompson (Year 12 Teacher), Tom Cann (Year 11 Teacher) and myself, Shayne Hutchings (Middle School Deputy Principal) in nominated classrooms across years 7-12.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People was asking students from Year 4 to Year 12 in schools across WA, their views on matters that affect their wellbeing such as their health, safety, family, friendships, school and involvement in community activities. Some of the more specific and sometimes sensitive issues which were covered included emotional wellbeing and bullying.

The views of students will be included in publications about the wellbeing of children and young people that the Commissioner sends to government and other organisations to help improve policies and services available to children and their families. We thank all the students who took part in the anonymous survey. The feedback from students was very positive.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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R U OK Day

R U OK? is a national charity inspiring and empowering everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life. We recognise that looking out for one another and lending support are key life skills for any age group.

Teachers embedded a series of activities into existing units of work with content inclusive of themes such as: friendship, resilience, respectful relationships, help-seeking and wellbeing. On Thursday the 9th of September 2021 BSESC and BSC ran activities which included a special morning tea, crafts and social games for students as well as a whole school sausage sizzle.

For students, learning how to support their peers and talk about how they feel is an important life lesson, so where better to start than in the classroom.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Senior School News

Where did that term go?

It's been a very busy term and as I sit and reflect, I am amazed at just how much has been achieved in this time.

The Athletics Carnival was an opportunity for the Year 12s to show their style, and from the photos, they did it well. As it is their final year at school they have the privilege of 'dressing up'. How I laughed at some of their costumes! Well done crew - life is about having fun on their journey.

While the Athletics Carnival was in full swing, I was attending the External Moderation for

Year 12 ASDAN portfolios. Each year teachers nominate portfolios that have been completed in accordance to the requirements from ASDAN UK. A sample are selected for submission for External Moderation by teachers from schools all over the state. The portfolios are scrutinized and the achievements recorded verified. Congratulations to the students in 12-1 and MAG 2 who had their portfolios passed. In total 49 modules of work were accredited. Congratulations to all involved. These certificates will be included in the student's graduation portfolio.

As we move towards Graduation there is a feeling of tension as the fact that school years are coming to an end, and the structures and routines that have been constant for twelve years will change. How so you support your child in this transition? I like to remind students that they were once a baby and as they grew they learnt how to be a toddler. Then came the primary school phase of their life and they grew and developed during that time. Transition to secondary school was a big step but they managed it. So now is the time for a new phase in their lives.

It is critical that students know and understand what the changes will be for them in 2022. Here at school we really promote independence, thinking for themselves and accepting the natural consequences of their actions. Please reassure your children that transitioning to adulthood is just a part of their lives, they've done it successfully before. Make sure they know what the plan is and encourage them to look forward to it!

The Year 11 River cruise was a big success on Wednesday the 22nd of September - another opportunity to celebrate the expanding world they are part of! Thank you Mr Cann for organising this along with your Secondary College counterparts.

10-3 are thriving at Work Experience on Thursdays. This is their final week of their 5-week block. From the enthusiasm when they return to school they've learnt a great deal in their respective work places. Students from 10-1 are due to commence either Work experience or Simulated WPL next term.

Make the most of the upcoming school holidays, travel safe, enjoy each day and see you all buckled in and ready for next term!!

Quote from the Dalai Lama

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday, and the other is called Tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe so and mostly live"

Wendy Hughes

Deputy Principal

Senior School

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Constable Care Incursion

On Monday 23rd August, students were able to enjoy workshops run by Constable Care. Dave and Nashy presented information about a range of Health and Protective Behaviour topics in a fun and engaging way.

The first workshop was about First Aid and how to identify and help in a medical emergency. The second workshop was enjoyed by some of the Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students about the difference between fun scary and bad scary and also safe and unsafe secrets. Some Year 7 and 8 classes watched the show on making the right call and when to contact the Police, Crime Stoppers and Emergency 000. In the afternoon, Year 9 and 10 students were able to enjoy the show about cyberbullying and respectful social media. The last show of the day was about bullying and empathy. All of the topics were chosen to suit each each class and I am glad the students were able to learn from the workshops.

Well done to all the students who showed awesome listening skills and were involved in the show.

Daisy Llanwarne

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What a busy semester so far! As well as all our classwork we have been participating in a lot of activities outside of our classroom.

We have welcomed a new teacher into our classroom. Mrs Claire Semmens has been coming into our classroom on Thursdays for 3 periods, during this time she has been getting to know the boys and is teaching them Health.

Constable Care came to visit, he taught us all about who to call if you or someone close to you is injured, and how to keep them safe until the ambulance arrives.

A continued favourite is swimming. All of the students continue to develop their skills in the water and are demonstrating their increasing independence when getting dry and dressed after being in the water.

Their skills in the kitchen are also improving, from cutting vegetables and fruit, to frying onions. They are also taking more responsibility in collecting and putting away the equipment we need. They continue to make delicious foods, which this term has included macaroni cheese and apple crumble.

The students have spent a lot of time creating papier mache fish, and this week we finally got to hang them in the classroom. All they need now is some seaweed to swim through!

Happy Holidays

Tracy, Laura, Annette and Claire

Tracy Buckley

MAG1 Teacher

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The students have enjoyed the end of this term and have thoroughly enjoyed the Science incursion, Athletics Carnival, Book Week and the Constable Care incursion. We are now focusing on working independently to transition the students into Year Eight next year. Everyone is excited for the school holidays and all the fun events planned in Term Four.

In Cooking we have made bacon and egg burgers with hash browns, microwave chocolate puddings, shepherd's pie, rock cakes, spaghetti bolognese, penne with vegetables, hamburgers and chocolate cookies. In Technology, the students have been practising how to be safe online. In Science, we have been learning about planets and space and having a look at Google Earth. In gardening we have been planting flowers and doing lots of watering.

In PE, we practised skills for the school Athletics Carnival and have been riding the bikes when the sun is out. We all tried our best during the Athletics Carnival. We entered many events including 100m sprint, 200m sprint, long jump, discus and shot put. All the students in our class participated in at least three events. All the staff members were very proud of all the students.

Daisy Llanwarne

7-1 Teacher

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The end of Term 3 has been very exciting. There have been lots of special days including 'R U OK Day' and a visit from Constable Care. Our favourite day was World Book Week dress up day. We all had a great time showing off our costumes, using the photo booth in the library and having a dance party with our Year 9 friends in the afternoon.

The classroom staff have been helping us to make craft activities. We are deciding on the best ones to make for Market Day.

Chloe Jordan

7-2 Teacher

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As we say goodbye to Term 3 we can look back fondly on some of the major events that occurred this term.

Firstly, there was Book Week where our photogenic class dressed up as some of their favourite literature heroes.

Next was the whole school Athletics Carnival where we had an amazing day with an impressive amount of ribbons being won by our class. We also had the great honour of our very own Oliver Bruce winning Year 7 Champion Boy. If that wasn't enough, we have also been having class discussions on how to make games more fair and inclusive so that everyone can have a good time.

Our focus this term in HASS has been renewable and non-renewable energy resources. The class has had great discussions and have been looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. In Health we have been looking at the Control System and brainstorming how to act and problem solve in different scenarios.

Our Environmental Program has also been going great. To compliment this program, we were lucky enough to participate in the Suez in-school workshop 'The Recoverables' program. In this program students explore and learn what goes in each bin, where it goes, what happens to it and the impact on our environment if waste isn't managed well. The students can now share this important knowledge with you.

We have had a great Term 3. Team 7-3 wishes you safe and enjoyable holidays.

See you next term.

Simon Malloy

7-3 Teacher

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We have had an amazing Term 3. We have had Constable Care visit, Book Week, Sports Carnival, a wildlife incursion , Olympic Games, Fathers Day and Coastal Care as well as all our other subjects.

This term we have been busy looking after Mullaloo Beach through Coastal Care. We have learnt how to tell the difference between weeds and native plants when weeding, planting new native shrubs and watering them, picking up rubbish and the connection between the plants and Noongar people and how they used plants as medicine.

We followed the Olympics and the Paralympic games. We learnt about wild animals as part of the wildlife incursion and some of us were very brave and held a snake.

During Book Week we dressed as unicorns, rabbits, Wally and crayons.

Constable Care taught about the difference between an emergency and an accident.

All the students showed amazing sportsmanship at the Sports Carnival, cheering on their friends and running races independently and as a team.

We are all looking forward to Term 4.

Ms Carlyon and team

Helen Carlyon

8-1 Teacher

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WOW, this term flew by! Our students are so settled and are working so well. It is wonderful to see their efforts to do well at their studies and also the way all students are making an effort to include everyone in the class in conversations and activities

We have recently completed reading the book “Penguin Bloom- Young Readers’ Edition’ by Chris Kunz. This has been enjoyed by students and staff. Our class is most excited that this week, we will watch the motion picture the book is based on.

Students have also made a chopping board each during D & T. They have recently used the sander to give the boards a smooth finish. The students will be bringing these home at the end of term.

Another highlight has been Chloe Penn’s mother kindly bringing in four chicks for the class to see. Below are photos of the chicks and paragraphs our students have written about the visit.

Wishing you happy and safe school holidays.

'Today Ms Penn came into our classroom. She brought in baby chickens. We all held one and it was fluffy and cute. We were all excited ... I was nervous to hold one but I did it and I was proud of myself'. ~ James King

'Today my mum Ms Penn brought my four baby chickens Nala, Bluey, Princess and Muffin to my classroom. All my friends thought they were very cute. Inca made good friends with one of the chicks. Everyone had a cuddle, even Mrs Curran and Mrs G had a cuddle. One chicken fled from the puppy enclosure flap. Mrs Egan gave a chicken a pat. Mrs Curran took photos of us cuddling the chickens". ~ Chloe Penn

"We all listened to Chloe's story about the chicks that live at her house. I held a chick and calmed the chick down. When Chloe's mum brought them in the classroom to show us, I was nervous but happy to see the chicks.' ~ Euan Owen

'Today chickens were brought in the class. There where four of them. I held one even though I was a bit scared. They also ate some treats. Chickens can eat lots of different things. I also patted one of them. They are getting their big feathers in and the chicks are growing larger. It was fun.' ~ Samantha Smyth

'Today baby chicks came to our class. I was very excited to see baby chicks. Ms Penn came to our classroom with them. I was one who wanted to hold baby chicks first and I held one. I felt holding a baby chick was like I was holding my little sister. I enjoy holding babies. I hope they grow up to big adult chicken.' ~ Inca Brightman

Pauline Egan

8-2 Teacher

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Throughout Term 3, we have had lots of fun dressing up and being creative with our learning! For the sports carnival, we had lots of amazing outfit choices in our Faction colours as well as EVERYONE participating in all events! Well done to all the students on their sporting abilities and especially for the amount of ribbons collected. You are all superstars!

We also had fun celebrating CBCA Book Week 2021 during Week 6 this term. The theme for this year was Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds. For dress up day, 9-1 negotiated on the class theme of ‘Superheroes’ and got creative with our costumes. This then enabled us to win the BEST DRESSED award at our Book Week assembly!!! Another big well done to our students. Throughout Book Week, we worked exceptionally well with our reading and writing skills, as well as creating our own creatures made of recyclable materials.

I cannot believe we are at the end of Term 3 already. There has been SO much hard work and dedication put in to everything all of our students do and I look forward to continue watching them all grow.

Keira Savin

9-1 Teacher

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Where to start?! Such a busy and exciting second half of the term and so many photos to choose from!

In English, the students have just finished their prototypes for their machines that are going to help mankind. They have created an advertisement and slogan for their designs and will pitch it to the other members of their class. Lots of great hands on fun (and mess) has been had by all.

In Maths, we have had a strong focus on timestables. The students enjoy their rotation activities and shouting out the answers as loud as possible. We also continue our weekly Financing and Budgeting activities. The new favourite is 'buying' the teachers chair for the day and the children take great joy in watching me stand for the day or sitting on the plastic chairs!

In HASS, we are finally coming to the end of our tourism project. Each student is currently working on a presentation of their chosen continent and will present it to the class in a 'travel agent' style activity. (I do realise the irony here...)

In Health, we have been working on building relationships and intrapersonal skills. We have been trying to identify other people's emotions by reading their body language before they speak.

The Sports Carnival was so much fun and the weather held out for us (just)! All students participated in various events and did so well celebrating each others successes. It was so great to see so many parents join us. Furthermore, 9-2 had Champion Boy (Hayden Galbraith) and Champion Girl (Liv Dyrting) achieving the most points in their year cohort.

We also really enjoyed our book week dress up. The students and staff all looked amazing as you can see by the photos!

Here's to an ever brighter Term 4. 9-2 - you guys are amazing!

Janine Notarianni

9-2 Teacher

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This term MAG 2 have welcomed a nice change to our Community Access sessions. As our students have become proficient in visiting the supermarket, using a visual shopping list, and purchasing items on the shopping list, we have progressed to developing our social and community skills to purchasing food from a menu and eating out. Our students have made excellent progress with this so far and are really enjoying a nice treat to start the week off with.

Despite the rain and cold, our visits to Landsdale Farm have continued and our students are amazing at the tasks they complete. We have been generalising our skills in different areas of the farm such as the orchard that is home to a range of different fruit trees. On top of building our work skills at Landsdale Farm, our students have been getting to know the animals. We have also been learning about the different life stages of the different animals as there have been a few new additions to the Landsdale Farm family and watching Kevin and Barry, the resident calves grow into large mature bulls .

We asked our students what their favourite part of going to the farm was and these were their responses:

Michael – “Sheep because they look funny.”

Massimo – “Raking because it is cool.”

Jeremy – “Going on the bus.”

Kynan – “Cardamom, the goat and Bob, the sheep.”

Enjoy the well-deserved break – looking forward to seeing you all in Term 4!

Katherine Vales

MAG 2 Teacher

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The students of 10-1 have had a great term going out in the community and to the Perth
Zoo with DFES to practise their mapping skills and working with a group following directions.

They also completed a fantastic presentation about their Zoo mapping experience to the Upper School at assembly. I was proud and amazed at their fantastic public speaking skills. They have progressed so far this year, changing and growing from shy Year 9 students to mature and confident Year 10's.

Thank you to the DFES team - Mr Vandenbroeke, Mrs Bond and Mrs Mountjoy. They all had a fantastic day!!

The other highlight of the term was the school sports carnival. The students did an amazing job participating across the range of events contributing valuable points to their factiions. It was a great day!!

We are looking forward to finishing the term going out in the community shopping for healthy breakfast items as part of a Health unit on healthy eating and lifestyle.

Next term we look forward to learning skills to support Workplace Learning and stepping toward life beyond school.

Thank you to the staff and students for doing a wonderful job while I was off for 6 weeks and to teachers Mrs Fosberry and Mr Pantelis for stepping in and taking the class.

Finally, thank you parents and families for all of your help and support to date over the course of the year.

Have a wonderful safe and relaxing holiday break!!!!

Susan Osborne

10-1 Teacher

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The end of term is near and once again it has been a busy one for the students in 10-2. Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, some relaxation and sleep ins!!!

In DFES the students have been practicing their Orienteering and Radio Communication Skills and on August 24th we enjoyed an excursion to Kings Park to complete an orientation course. The students had the opportunity to utilise a number of the skills they had learnt in DFES so far this year, including, map reading skills, compass use and communication and team work skills. It was a great day out.

On September 3rd we had our Annual Sports Carnival with Belridge Secondary College. The students from 10-2 displayed amazing sportsmanship on the day. All students completed at least one activity on the day and provided support and encouragement to their peers and other students in the school community. Two of the 10-2 students were the Year 10 Champion Boy and Girl!!! A huge congratulations to Ghenwa Dannoui and Zac Chamberlain on this achievement.

On Tuesday 14th of September we enjoyed a ‘Recoverables’ incursion. This incursion was organised to complement the Recycling program the 10-2 and 7-3 students are running across the school. Both staff and students found the incursion very informative, providing a greater understanding of what is and isn’t recyclable and where we can take things that can’t go in the recycling bin.

Each Friday, the students collect recycling from across the school, categorise it and record data. The Year 10-2 students then input the data into EXCEL and created comparison graphs and pie charts to gain an understanding of what is used and explore the changes we could make to reduce, reuse and recycle. In Term Four, the students will prepare an assembly presentation to educate their peers further on how reducing, reusing and recycling can make a substantial difference to our production of rubbish.

Myself and the staff in 10-2 wish you all a relaxing two week break and look forward to seeing you all in Term 4 for more exciting experiences and learning.

Aileen Finn

10-2 Teacher

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We're quickly approaching the end of Term Three, with students working well across all areas of the curriculum!

This term, the students have undertaken their first Workplace Learning placements. They have all performed wonderfully and picked up great work experience that will stand them in good stead in the future. My thanks to all the parents, as well as our Education Assistants for helping to prepare the students and ensuring they all achieved success.

The recent Sports Carnival was a huge success and was enjoyed by all who attended. Our students participated in a number of track and field events coming away with an impressive range of first, second and third place ribbons.

Well done to everyone for their supportive encouragement of all competitors!

The students are making very good progress in the classroom. In Mathematics they have been working on addition and subtraction, order of operations and Scientific Notation. In HASS they have been studying Economics, looking at factors that encourage consumers to make purchases at certain stages of their lives.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, my email address is:

Stephen McMahon

10-3 Teacher

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Year 11 River Cruise

Ohhhhh what a night!

Yes indeed, once again the Year 11 River Cruise was a night to remember! The music was loud, the boat was rocking, the pizza & donuts were flowing and the students were loving life. It was the ideal night for a cruise along the Swan River, which in its evening glory provided the perfect back drop for this fantastic celebration.

The students of both schools were in high spirits and it showed on the dance floor with students showing off their moves the entire night. Some students didn't leave the dance floor, one student Miss Jennifer Mason who didn't stop dancing so was rightly awarded the best dancer for the evening and received a gift voucher for JB HiFi.

All the students were beautifully behaved and were a credit to our Belridge Community. If this year's River Cruise is anything to go on, next Year's Year 12 Ball is going to be some night!

Tom Cann

Year 11 Teacher

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11-1 students have been working hard to complete their ASDAN files to be ready for moderation next term. Students have enjoyed going to HBF Arena to do aerobic exercises, circuit training, boxing and soccer. It is great to see that some students already go to the gym in their leisure time.

The students have made their own bowling club called the 'Belridge Sharks'. So far, Joel is top of the table with Jordan very close as runner up.

Students also chose to go to AQWA to view the variety of stingrays, sharks, turtles and fish. The highlight was the touch pool where they got to touch starfish and baby sharks.

Well done to 11-1 for winning the Upper School competition for best dressed for Book Week. Each student received a book at assembly. The class voted Clancy's as the best model to enter the whole school competition.

Finally the Athletics Carnival had a wet start to the day, but luckily turned into a beautiful day of fun filled activities. Congratulations to all students in 11-1 for participating in every event including the 100m, shotput, discus and long jump.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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What better way to sum up Term 3 than to ask the wonderful students of 11-2 what they’ve been up to this term.

Liam Keating: “Something that has stuck in my mind this term has been our studies of mental health. We have learned about personal effects of mental health and the impact it has on others. We’ve looked at how our emotions trigger thoughts and feelings about things, which then influence our behaviours.”

Jennifer Mason: “My favourite subject this term has been PE because we get to mix with the Year 12 class. This term, we did Athletics where we practiced our track and field events. Next term, I hope to do more soccer and AFL.”

Troy Adlem: “The funniest thing this term has been Mr Cann, because he makes learning funny and enjoyable.”

Zoe Felstead: “I enjoy doing sport the most because we mix with the Year 12 class and we get to play different sports.”

Libby Brown: “When completing our volunteering hours at Mullaloo Beach, we plant plants, remove any weeds, clear away rubbish, have fun and get to work in teams to beautify the community.”

Matthew Taylor: “In English, we have been learning about Emotional Literacy. Emotional Literacy is about recognising emotions in one’s self and in others, understanding those emotions and where they stem from, handle those emotions with the use of appropriate strategies and express them in an appropriate manner.”

Megan Daff: “As part of our Maths lessons this term, we have explored what it costs to be a pet owner. We learned about all things that come as a cost of owning a pet and used this knowledge to make connections between fractions and decimals.”

Xander Baily: “This term in my Automotive Classes, I completed my assignment on different forms of transport, learned aspects of repairing a car’s transmission, and for our class project, we have designed and built a mechanical tool in the form of a trolley. I have also had some experience with welding this term.”

Isaac Sharp: This term, Isaac has settled well into his new Workplace Learning location of Good Sammy’s in Butler. Here, Isaac works on the shop floor to arrange the clothing, tidy the toys and books, and organising the clothing into the appropriate sections of the store.

So there you have it, Term 3 in a very small snap-shot. All staff from 11-2 wish all students and their families a relaxing and enjoyable break and we shall see you in a few weeks' time, ready to finish off the year with a bang!

Tom Cann

11-2 Teacher

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What a busy, busy term but as a class we achieved so much! Congratulations to all 12-1 students who worked so hard on finishing their 4 ASDAN modules. These modules were moderated at a state level and students achieved excellent comments on their files and an exemplary pass for one module. The class passed all modules submitted with flying colours. WELL DONE 12-1.

The fantastic Meal Preparation lessons continued through Term 3 with students planning, finding a recipe, writing a shopping list, shopping and then cooking their many wonderful menus. We have had a wide range of foods prepared. For example, Butter Chicken,
Chicken Parmigiana, Thai Beef Salad, Chilli Con Carne, Mint Slice, Rice Pudding and Sticky Date Muffins. All meals are presented beautifully and students enjoy sitting down together to enjoy their meal and dessert.

In Week 8 the whole Year 12 group were able to attend a TAFE open day to explore the Certificate courses available to our students through Leederville TAFE and the GATE program. A very interesting day with ideas for next year topped off with a free hot chocolate provided by the TAFE hospitality students.

DFES has provided two interesting and enjoyable excursions this term. Students visited the Perth Hills Discovery Centre to learn about deadly and dangerous animals followed by an interaction with snakes and other reptiles. In Week 8, students were lucky enough to visit the RAC Rescue Helicopter base and meet the pilots and paramedics who have such an important job in helping injured and lost people around the state. The students were able to get into the helicopter and learn all about what the service provides in life threatening circumstances.

We have many exciting events to look forward to next term, in particular Graduation Night. Enjoy your well-earned holiday and see you next term.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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12-2 students are finalising their coursework and looking toward graduation and life beyond school.

Over the past three terms, we have been working through the Keys4Life program. Congratulations to Dylan, Jack, William, Hayley and Sarah for passing the Keys4Life Learner's Theory Test by achieving at least 24 out of 30 in the test.

The class has also completed the course elements of the Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways. All students have achieved the majority of the units of competency and Congratulations to Jack, William, Sarah and Dylan for demonstrating competence in all units and receiving the whole certificate.

The class has begun a trial of the program. Students are completing the 15 minute daily goal at least three times a week and increasing their typing efficiency. The class is enjoying the challenge and working hard to top the weekly leaderboard.

On Tuesday in Week 8, we visited Leederville TAFE to explore the course offerings for 2022. The class travelled on public transport and had a tour of the venue. Students were interested in the Gardening Course, Art Classes and Digital Technology. Flyers were sent home with students on the day.

In DFES, the class is working on the knot tying section of the program. To extend their learning, the DFES team have incorporated rope bracelets and macramé plant hangings which are now proudly hanging within the classroom. The DFES team also organised a new excursion to the RAC Rescue Helicopter Base. It was interesting to learn about the helicopter and the jobs that the crew are called out to.

Our class Footy Tipping has come to an end with Jack Terry being the clear winner! Congratulations to Jack on his solid effort!

A big welcome back to Ms Mellows who has returned from her 10 Week Road Trip. 12-2 staff and students tracked Ms Mellows' adventure through mapping photos and comments on the pin up board. Thanks for including us in your trip!

Lauren Thompson and the 12-2 Team

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Whole School Athletics Carnival - Friday 3rd September

The Whole School Athletics Carnival was held on Friday the 3rd of September.

The final faction scores for ESC were:

1st - Manta-Rays (Blue) - 1544 points

2nd - Sharks (Gold) - 1296 points

3rd - Marlins (Green) - 1003 points

Our Champion Girls and Boys were:

Year 7 - Sienna MacKinnon & Oliver Bruce

Year 8 - Chloe Penn & James King

Year 9 - Liv Dyrting & Hayden Galbraith

Year 10 - Ghenwa Dannaoui & Zac Chamberlain

Year 11 - Zoe Felstead & Xander Baily

Year 12 - Haya Menz & Dylan McKay

Congratulations to everyone who participated and cheered on their classmates - well done to you all.

A huge thankyou to Tom Cann for all his hard work organising the carnival for the ESC students and to all our staff and the BSC staff for their efforts on the day.

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Save the Date - Market Day is coming.....Thursday 18th November 10am - 12.30pm

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Belridge is celebrating 30 Years

Belridge Secondary College is in its 30th year and we will be holding a family community event on Friday 5 November from 5pm to 8pm, celebrating how the school has grown and evolved since opening to Year 8s back in 1991.

Take a trip down memory lane with displays and photos over the years, from the old albums of building works and our first cohort of students, to viewing our amazing Performing Arts Centre, which opened this year.

This event is open to staff and students (former and current).

Food trucks, coffee van, timeline displays, selfie-wall, merchandise, tours, DJ, musical and dance performances and much more ... a dining area will be located on the oval, but feel free to bring a picnic blanket and your chairs.

Details of our raffle will be released soon with our Grand Prize an overnight stay at the Joondalup Resort, with breakfast!

Please register your interest at:

Register via Facebook Event - https//

or via - event code 9k398

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