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Week at a Glance; March 7th, 2014

Parent Education: Sensitive Periods

Wednesday, March 12th, 6-7:30pm

598 Old Custer Rd

Allen, TX

Sensitive periods is a term coined by the Dutch geneticist Hugo de Vries and adopted by the Italian educator Maria Montessori to refer to important periods of childhood development.

Montessori believed that every human being goes through a series of quantum leaps in learning during the pre-school years. Drawing on the work of de Vries, she attributed these behaviors to the development of specific areas of the human brain, which she called nebulae. She felt this was especially true during the first few years of life, from birth (or before) to the time of essentially complete development of the brain, about age 6 or 7. Montessori observed several overlapping periods during which the child is particularly sensitive to certain types of stimuli or interactions. She describes these as "sensitive periods", a phrase coined by de Vries during his studies on animals.

According to Montessori, during a sensitive period it is very easy for children to acquire certain abilities, such as language, discrimination of sensory stimuli, and mental modeling of the environment. Once the sensitive period for a particular ability is past, the development of the brain has progressed past the point at which information can be simply absorbed. The child must then be taught the ability, resulting in expenditure of conscious effort, and not producing results as great as could be produced if the sensitive period had been taken advantage of. Montessori was not very specific in her published works about the precise number, description, or timing of these sensitive periods. However, in her lectures to teacher trainees she set out several periods with the approximate ages to which they applied. More importantly, she believed, adults should observe the behavior and activities of children to discover what sensitive periods they are in.

Child care will be provided. Please RSVP on the link below.

SPRING CONCERT, May 4th 2014


We have a wonderful evening of art planned, with a silent auction, dance and music performance, and a live auction during intermission.

Dress rehearsal and the performance are all on the same day May 4 at the Courtyard Theatre. Please drop your child off for dress rehearsal, and then come back for the silent auction and performance.

No parents will be allowed in the theatre during dress rehearsal. Only parent volunteers will arrive at the theatre and stay.


3:00pm - Elementary Students are dropped off at the theatre.

3:30pm- Primary Students are dropped off at the theatre.

4:45-5:15. We will feed the children pizza, if your child has a special diet please let us know, so we can accommodate.

4:45pm- Toddlers arrive.

5:00pm- Silent Auction begins

5:30pm- Concert Begins with Live Auction in theatre during intermission

6:45pm- Reception

Please let Miss Patricia, or Miss Bell, know if your child will be unable

to participate.

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