Bill of Rights

Chris Brown / U.S History / Period: 2

Amendment 1: Freedom of speech, the press, and religion.

The freedom to speak/ or say what you argue or dis-argue with.

Amendment 2: Right to bear arms.

The people are allowed with guns in there possession or at there homes.

Amendment 3: Rights to have privacy in homes.

Soldiers may not invade homes and demand food and water from the people.

Amendment 4: Unreasonable search and seizure.

Police aren't allowed to invade of privacy without search warrant.

Amendment 5: Double jeopardy, self-incrimination and due process of law.

You cant get charged in court more than once if you have already been charged.

Amendment 6: Right of the accused in criminals cases.

Trial cant be waited for years and it has to be public.

Amendment 7: The right to a jury trial.

Cases cant be brought up again in different courts juries cant civil cases.

Amendment 8: preventing cruel and unusual punishment.

Punishment should = crime; ( no extreme punishments).

Amendment 9: Rights retained by the people.

Government cant take laws away from the people.