Google Play v Apple iTunes

Daniel Bonello

Areas of Focus

Generally within each store, many apps are shared between Google Play and Apple iTunes. They share a lot of the focus which is mainly on popular media items and famous icons.

So in this area I believe they are tied.

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Price of Apps

Google Play's Apps appear to be more expensive. For Example the popular App "Fruit Ninja" is $0.99 on iTunes but on Google Play it's priced at $1.22. The majority of the more expensive apps are generally one dollar more expensive on Google Play.

iTunes also provides a wider variety of free apps.

Layout on Mobile Devices

Google Play appears to have a more organized homepage than iTunes. The iTunes app gives a feel that you would already need to know what you are looking for prior to getting on the app. On Apple devices, the app store and iTunes store are separate while they are on Google Play they are on the same app. making it easier to use.
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Both Google Play and iTunes are fairly easy to access but, iTunes and the App store are two separate apps on Apple Devices. Google Play appears to be simpler to access although When you buy a song or a video on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you must download it to play it and that could take a while.

Favorite App Availability

My Favorite app on the iTunes store is Tetris by EA. Google Play has Tetris games but not by the same company as iTunes. So the game is available on both stores but the quality of the game is better on Apple devices.
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Who Has More Apps?

Google has made great strides in the app department recently. Since September of 2012 they went up nearly 25,000 apps and are now at a tie with Apple at nearly 700,00 apps. From what I've gathered from people I know and games I've played on Google Play, Apple has better quality apps. The games lag more on Google and run much faster on Apple devices.

Approval Process for Each Market


After submitting an app to Apple it could take weeks to receive feedback on your app. If it is rejected from the market, they will send it back with feedback as to what is wrong with it and how to get it approved. Apple also made it impossible to get an app approved if it's only purpose is to use location services to advertise to users. Apple will also reject apps that have too many bugs. Generally it takes over $99 to submit an app to Apple.

Google Play

Once you create an app the first step is to register as a developer. Once you register, Google requires you to pay a registration fee at $25 to cut down on spam in the Android Market. Once you pay you have to agree to the terms and service agreement and file to the Android Market Servers. You're also required to send a high resolution app icon and two screenshots of your app. Once you've completed these steps you submit your app where users can search for it.