Argument and Persuasion

Elements of Effective Advertising


The claim is the writer's position on the topic.


The support is the reasons and evidence that help to prove the claim. A writer may include many kinds of evidence, including eye-opening statistics, compelling anecdotes, or examples. Support in an argument is usually for or against an issue.

Persuasive Techniques: Types of Appeals

The persuasive messages that have made a lasting impression on you have probably been based on specific persuasive techniques, or methods, that were used to sway your heart and mind. Persuasive techniques can make a strong argument even more powerful. However, they can also disguise flaws in weak arguments because these techniques can lead to faulty reasoning. They Allstate Mayhem video is an example of appeal by loaded language. The Labron James commercial is an example of appeal by association. The SPCA commercial is an example of an emotional appeal.
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