Peter Guidotti

About my hero:

Growing up, I always looked up to my father. He was a good role-model for the most part, but like any normal person he had flaws. I was able to learn from him to work hard in life to achieve lifes greasest goals including having fun in life. My dad was able to teach me how to act in life and without him, it would be hard to see where I would be today.


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: It’s Changed, But It Hasn’t :60


My dad has been working for Kraft for around three years now. He works with making commertials for Kraft like the one above. Throughout his working career, he has been able to make commercials for Kraft macaroni, Kool aid, Capri sun, and Gevalia. But for each commercial, he always finds a way to slip a "special" sentence in. For example, my younger brother's name is William and whenever someone calls him "Bill" he freaks out. Sure enough, the same thing happened in this video.

Passion project explanation

I chose to research about a town named "Castell 'Azzara" because my dad's side of the family originates from there. My personal hero has never been able to visit this town, although his dad is from Castell 'Azzara. In the early 1900's, my grandpa’s family took a ship towards America, leaving the town in the past. From what I know, they never visited back to the town. I really wanted to see what it was like in this town because half of my family is from there. On top of researching it for this project, I was lucky enough to fly to Italy and meet some of my relatives. Because of this project, I have had the opportunity to dive deeper into my family's history.

Hero essay

A True Hero

The Webster Dictionary defines a hero as, "a person who is admired for great or brave acts of fine qualities." However, a hero isn't necessarily a man dressed with a silky red cape. A hero can be the person helping carry groceries or doing community service. It can be anyone really, as long as they "save" you in some way. A hero is someone who goes out of their way to help you and a person you look up to for their qualities.

A hero is someone admirable for their traits. Imagine a student constantly signing up for SOS projects. Consider the amount of time, spirit and effort this student puts into each service. Because of this, students around the school start to learn just how much he impacts the community. Soon, people look up to him and take after his traits. This creates a sort of guidance for kids, allowing each person to "follow" something. Everyone has someone to look up to; dad, uncle, grandmother, which can affect how we act based off their traits. Much alike, a student can influence others into doing "good" things. By creating a ripple effect of star quality traits, this student is no doubt a true hero.

A hero is the man who helps you at your weakest moments. After just getting his arm cast on, William is exhausted from the pain and is unable to lift his backpack. Many students walk by, ignoring his struggle, so they don't need waste their precious five minutes after the bell. A few seconds later, a student walks over and helps pick up Williams backpack. Instead of waiting for a teacher to walk by, the student did not hesitate to help as soon as he could. This is a true hero; someone willing to go out of his way in order to help. The student wasn't motivated by getting a merit or hoping to get something else in return. Instead, It was the the person truly being himself without thinking. Helping William for nothing in a return is a genuine sign of a hero.

Some people may argue a person's actions need to be big in order for them to hero. However, not every hero is the man lifting a flaming car off a dying woman. Take into account to the student helping William; a everyday person fulfilling one simple task to help another. But what makes this student a true hero doesn't have anything to do with flying around, saving people from explosions or fires. Instead, he is a hero for spending a minute of his time helping another student with his backpack and setting an example for everyone around him.

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