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Silver is one of the most used material in the Periodic Table. Silver has a number of 47 protons in the nucleus of a single Atom.One thing that you should know is that you have to know is that silver weighs a lot, In fact it weighs a total of 107.8682 AMU. Every substance on the Periodic table has its own symbol, so for silver it is Ag

Physical Descriptions, location on Periodic Table, and Neutrons,Electrons, and Protons

  • Melting Point-1,763.2 degrees F.
  • Boiling Point-3,923.6 degrees F.
  • Color-Gray
  • Metal/Non-Metal/Metalloid -Metal
  • Group 11, Period 5
  • There are 47 protons; 47 electrons, and 61 neutrons
  • Weighs a total of 107.8682 AMU
  • Atomic symbol is Ag

Silver Gray Hard 47protons 47electrons 61neutrons 107.8682AMU Ag Metal Group 11 Period 5 Producedbyheat Caves Mountains Mining Coins Jewelry Tools Statues Bulidings MeltingPoint1,763.2F. BoilingPoint3,923.6F.

When Discovered/First Produced Who Discovered/Who Produced Where It Can Be Currently Found/How Made

  • Discovered in the middle of 5000 B.C. and 6000 B.C.
  • Was never found by anyone
  • It is produced by heat near the crust of the earth
  • It might be found in caves, in the process of mining, and probably in the middle of a mountain.


1-Can be used to make coins
2-Can be used to make jewelery
3-can be used to make buildings
4-can be used to make Statues
5-can be used to make tools

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