Flaa's Monday Memo

March 19, 2018

Something to ponder...


There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.


With the change in seasons, our students may also change!

  • The way they dress will change...Watch for dress code violations.
  • Their behavior may change...Be visible in the hallways during passing periods.

Nuts & Bolts

  • GUEST SPEAKER - Mackenzie Baldwin will be on campus to share her story with our Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Friday at 1:20. We will call all students down at that time.

  • Professional Courtesy - Teachers seeking new jobs should keep the following in mind...The heads-up to your current district is a common courtesy and lets them begin to prepare for your replacement. It is never kosher for administrators to hear you are leaving from a third party and especially from students.

  • CONFERENCE PERIOD - Meant for teacher duties such as:
  1. Prepare for instruction
  2. Plan individually or work with a group for activities, tutoring, etc.
  3. Evaluate student's work
  4. Hold/attend parent-teacher conferences
  5. Attend ARD Meetings

  • LUNCH PERIOD - Duty free time to eat or run errands.

  • Unit Exam Advice - It is not a good practice to give exams the last week of the six weeks because of student absences, test retakes, and the like. If you have to give a test during the last week of the six weeks make sure to give your students plenty of time to retest.

  • INDIAN SHOWCASE - April 16th @ 6:30pm - We have one month to make this event GREAT! Please begin working with your departments, organizations, or clubs on what will be presented. We will also hold a Freshman 101 session for 8th grade students and parents. Please email me if you would like to help organize this session!

Upcoming Events

March 19
  • US History - Testing App Download
  • Teacher of the Year Announcement @ 8am in the auditorium

March 20

  • US History - Testing App Download
  • V Golf @ Gunter
  • Softball vs. Bridgeport @ SHS, 5:30pm

March 21

  • SAT School Day

March 22

  • JV Baseball @ Gainesville Tournament
  • Sanger Relays @ SHS
  • Choir Concert @ 6:30pm

March 23

  • Guest Speaker for Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors, 1:20-2:30 in auditorium
  • One Act Play @ Wilmer Hutchins
  • V Tennis @ Lake Dallas
  • JV Baseball @ Gainesville Tournament
  • V Baseball vs. Denison @ SHS
  • Softball vs Kum @ Krum, 5:30pm

March 24

  • Special Olympics @ SHS, 10am
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