January 29th


  • God & Growth
  • Guild - 1D review
  • Quest 7 Synthesis Pinterest demonstration
  • Creating pinterest boards
  • Embedding your boards into your digital portfolio

God & Growth

  • This week we have been putting ourselves out there with tech and having a growth mindset.
  • We created a digital portfolio, professional Twitter and professional Pinterest.

For some of us, we had to face some fears or apprehensions about using technology and getting our professional selves out there.

"For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness, but of power and love and discipline." (2 Timothy 1:7)

How has God helped you grow so far this semester? this week? in this class? as an ed major?

Guild - 1D review

In your guilds answer the questions:

  • What is component 1D?
  • Why do we need to be competent in component 1D?
  • What are the elements embedded within 1D?
  • Identify 3 unique or original artifacts that can be used to show proof competency in component 1D?

Quest 7 Synthesis Pinterest demonstration

Everything In One Place

  • Pinterest is a great way to keep all of your teaching resources and ideas in one visually appealing place!
  • Whenever you find a new activity or idea online, just pin it to the right board for easy access later!

Let's get into Pinterest

  • Board – buckets of content that is similar.
  • Pin – an image that you added to a board.
  • RePin – sharing someone’s pin to one of your boards.
  • Comments and Likes
  • Pin it button – this can be added to your browser allowing you to easily pin anything you want to share.

The Internet is a Big Place

There are so many great ideas outside of Pinterest, just a Google search away! When you find a stellar idea on the web, it's nice to be able to save it to Pinterest for later reference. The easiest and most headache-free way is to add the Pin It button to your Chrome browser. Here is a great tutorial on how to get and use the extension!

Set up boards

  • Click “Create a Board”
  • Identify what the board will include (ex. resources for students)
  • Decide to make it public or private. Remember, keep the professional public and the personal, private!
  • Write a description for the board.

You must have 3 boards for this class (but you can add more!)

You need to have 30 pins across these boards at the end of the semester.

Keeping It Clean

  • When you pin too many things to one board, it becomes overwhelming.
  • To avoid this problem, make different boards for different subject areas or concepts.
  • Write your own descriptions on each pin that clearly says what you want from that pin.


Is It Worth It?

  • Before pinning something, make sure you're not going pin-crazy!
  • Make sure what you're pinning is worth your time, or it will just be clutter on your board.
  • Make sure the resource you are pinning is credible.
  • If you're re-pinning something that you found on Pinterest, be sure to click the link and check out the resource before you re-pin. Sometimes a picture looks appealing, but when you read the article or look closer at the blog, you realize that it's not very helpful at all.
  • Quality assurance is your best friend when there are billions of ideas out there!
Big image

Link or emebed your Pinterest boards in your portfolio

It goes in

  • Contact page
  • Component 1D as a subpage

Weebly Embed your Pinterest board into your website

  • Click on your name
  • Click widget
  • Add Embed Code.
  • Copy and Paste.
  • Paste this code snippet into your Embed Code element.
  • Click anywhere outside the text field, and your Pinterest Feed will be visible.
  • Edit your Pinterest Feed on Weebly

Google sites - Link your pinterest board into your website

  • Navigate to the page where you want to link
  • Click the Edit page icon
  • Highlight the text to be linked and click the Link icon
  • Select the Web address of your Pinterest boards

30 second recap

A look back...

  • This week we focused on getting ourselves out there in a professional manner.
  • We created professional Twitter accounts
  • Discussed and signed up for a service learning project
  • Created professional Pinterest accounts
  • We learned about component 1D

A look ahead...

  • Monday and Wednesday we will be working on Component 1B
  • You must skype or google hangout with your virtual co-op by Feb 1
  • We will creating a Google Form for our virtual co-ops on Monday and Wednesday
  • Please contact your virtual co-op about what s/he would you like to create a google form about.
  • Friday we will be working on a digital worksheet for your virtual co-op on a topic of their choice.
  • Quest 8 Questions & Understanding will be posted this afternoon
  • Do you want to work ahead? Quest 9 Questions & Understanding will be posted this afternoon too!

Additional Resources - Exit Ticket

Check out one of the resources listed below. Tweet out one thing you learned about from the blog post using #educ204toi.

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