Famous Entrepreneurs

James Clark

What he did

He formed Silicon Graphics, Inc in 1982 along with 6 Stanford graduate students and Abbey Silverstone. Silicon Graphics evolved into stand-alone graphical UNIX workstations with very fast graphics rendering hardware. After a falling out with Silicon Graphics, James Clark achieved his greatest success. In 1994, he and Marc Andreessen founded Netscape. but in 1998, AOL bought Netscape. In 1999, he launched myCFO – a company to help wealthy individuals manage their fortunes. He sold the company for a third of his initial investment to Harris Bank in late 2002. Neoteris, network Security Company, was founded in 2000 by Clark. Neoteris was acquired by NetScreen in 2003 and subsequently by Juniper Networks.


He had dropped out of high school and was in the navy for four years. He started taking night classes at Tulane in order to get enough credits to get accepted into a University.He was accepted at the University of New Orleans and earned a Masters degree in Physics. He continued his education and earned a PhD in computer science from the University of Utah.

Silicon Graphics

Dr. James H. Clark left his position as an electrical engineering associate professor at Stanford University to create Silicon Graphics. From 1984 to 1994, Silicon Graphics continued to grow and gain money and it kept growing even after Clark left in 1994.


Netscape was the first company to attempt to capitalize on the nascent world wide web.The company's first product was the web browser, called Mosaic Netscape 0.9, released on October 13, 1994.


MyCFO was a company formed to help wealthy Silicon Valley individuals manage their fortunes.In late 2002, while Clark served on the board of directors, most of myCFO's operations were sold to Harrison Bank and now operate as Harris myCFO.