Tips to improve memory.

Ginger Oseguera

I chose this topic because we have learned ways to improve your memory and I wanted to know more about it. By researching this topic I will learn ways To improve my memory because my memory isn't all thats great. By having these type of tips i would like it to help other people in this kind of solution.

Tips on how to improve Memory. Sleep well , sleep plays in important role to improve your memory. Most people need about 7 to 8hrs of sleep. Another tip is to stay organized , try staying force to one thing at a time , write down everything your trying to remember on to a notebook; appointments , events etc.

The parts that is used for short-term memory is prefrontal cortex and the long-term memory is parietal lobe.
there isn't very much psychologist that can improve your memory but there is one lady her name is Kendra Cherry she is a psychologist expert and one of her tip is to pay extra attention to difficult information