Republic of El Salvador

El Salvador

Some fun facts about El Salvador!

The climate in El Salvador is a tropical climate and the weather January 29 through May 10 it is hot, but August 26 through October 24 the weather is cold. El Salvadors government is a Republican government. The population in El Salvador is 6,071,774 people. El Salvadors currency of 2015 is the U.S. dollar also the two official languages are Spanish and Nahua.
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Leisure activities in El Salvador!

Some leisure activities in El Salvador include Football and surfing. So if you ever go to El Salvador you could see the difference in how they play football and surf, then how we play soccer (football) and surf.
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Two historical sites you don't want to miss!

The two historical sites that you don't want to miss are the Mayan Ruins (pictured above) and the Panchimalco Indian Village.
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One of the most popular food and drink in El Salvador.

A must eat when you go to El Salvador is their pupusa (pictured above) , one of the most popular food in El Salvador. Pupusa contains a thick homemade cornflour or rice flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, chicharron (cooked pork meat ground to a paste), and retried beans or loroco. Another thing that is popular drink wise is beer brand preferred is Pilsener made by Industrias La Constancia.