September 4th

Our Focus...

This week, we spent time discussing and practicing classroom procedure and expectations. We read a few books revolving around class rules. We found that the books we read had similar rules to our class expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. Our behavior chart was introduced and students are encouraged to stay on green (ready to learn). We are hopeful to move up to blue and purple, but we understand that green is GREAT! If a warning is needed, there may be times to move down to yellow, orange or red, but we don't think that will happen often. A calendar was placed in our new daily folder to record our daily behavior. This folder should come back and forth from school everyday with the calendar inside. The home practice packet can either stay at home or in the daily folder. I will collect it at the end of each month.

Parking Lot

Just a reminder:

When picking up your child in the new parking:

If you drive, please stay in your car and remind your child to let an adult know if he/she spots your car. The adult will walk your child to your car if it is one of the first three in either row. We do not want the students to walk away to find you or your car, so please remind them to wait near the teachers/bench if your car is not near the front of the row.

If you walk, please make sure that you do not walk out between or in front of the car lines. We want to ensure that the students understand they should not walk in front of the cars, so we ask that you wait until the line is gone or walk down the sidewalk.

* This applies more to the afternoon class due to the large numbers of students dismissing at the same time.

However, the morning class can follow the same procedure for those that do not wish to exit your car. (The weather will not always be so nice!) If you would like to park and walk to the door, please park in the extra parking spots.