Works of Heart

WRITE from your heart & READ with your strategies

Personal Narrative & Expository Experts

We are writing 6 compositions in the next 6-9 weeks. The students are writing from their hearts for Personal Narratives (your story) and they are experts on the Expository Compositions (inform/explain). They are excited to share their writing during our celebration times!

Non-Fiction Reading

We will review non-fiction text features (graphs, maps, captions, headings, table of contents...) and explore how to use the information to think "thick". We will apply our reading strategies before, during, and after reading to comprehend our non-fiction texts.

Word Study and Grammar

We will have one more cycle of word study and grammar in January. The cycle will have one word study list (wiFE- wiVES) and two gammar skills (prepositions and reflexive pronouns). This will be the final cycle of word study and grammar.

We will apply all of our learning in the fall to our writing and use what we know in preparation for STAAR.


The homework will be changing for both reading and writing.

We will have one "Reading is Thinking" in January for Determine Importance to go along with our non-fiction unit.

We will begin applying our comprehension strategies on reading passages. The passages will have questions that we have to answer and prove. The students will be prepared to SLOWLY work through the passages at home with the strategies we learn in class.

The writing homework will change in February with revise and edit passages. The students will apply their word study and grammar skills on the passages at home.