Proving Dance is a Sport

By: Elsie A

How many people say dance is a sport?

80% of people say dance is a sport and only 20% of people say its not. I agree with the people that say it is because you have to practice A LOT. Another reason I agree is because when you do competitive dance you have opponents to go up against. One last reason I agree with them is because it can be a career just like playing basketball, football, baseball, etc.

Is dance a sport or an art, and is it competitive?

BOTH, this is because you compete with other dancers which has the sport factor in it. A reason that dance is also an art is because, you can express how you feel and you can have an emotional feeling to a dance.

YES DANCE IS COMPETITIVE! Dance is competitive because, when you dance for an award you feel pressure. Dance is also competitive because, there are other dancers that you are trying to "top" with your dance.

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How dangerous is dance? (based off of comments on Dance: Most Dangerous Sports)

  • Pointe is the most dangerous of all types of dance because, if you're in realava and you fall you could ruin your feet for a very long time maybe even forever

  • if someone who has never practiced technique before were to go into Pointe shoes and TRY to dance they wouldn't be able to do very well at all
  • Dance doesn't only hurt physically but mentally because the theme of the dance could make you happy, sad, angry, and even terrified

Whats inside of a Pointe shoe?

“Pointe shoes are made of layers of fabric and glue covered with satin. Pointe shoes do not have a heel like normal street shoes but have a sole which is made of hard leather. Dancers sew satin ribbons and elastics around the ankle to keep the shoes on securely.” stated by, Atlanta Ballet