Learn what this is and how to avoid it!

What is spam??

Spam is an uninvited email or text that does nothing for you and most of the time is from an address you haven't received emails from before. They are most of the time fake emails that are trying to get information from you.

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What spam takes from you

Spam wastes your time because when your email is flooded with spam, you can't find your emails that you need to view. If it's via a text message, it charges you for the text (if you don't have unlimited texting). Spam can also spreads malware so it could harm your computer/phone if you open the message.


Tuesday, Sep. 3rd 2013 at 7:30am

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In 2013, Microsoft ran a research project and found that spam made up about 60% of all emails and messages sent.

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How to avoid spam:

~Don't open (AND DEFINITELY DON'T REPLY TO) the emails or messages that you think are spam.

~Have one-use email addresses

~Get a spam filter