Comparing and Contrasting

Bats and Spiders

I can...

1. Learn how to compare and contrast two things

2. Learn about bats and spiders

3. Make a Venn diagram to display facts about bats and spiders. List 5 facts for bats and 5 facts for spiders. Try to find at least 5 things they both have in common. Use the paper plates and clip art of bats and spiders.

4. Watch the slideshare show about comparing and contrasting

5. Watch each one of the videos about bats and spiders

6. Listen to the stories about spiders and bats.

7. Illustrate your work with pictures of bats and spiders

* Extra: compare and contrast activity buttons, essay on comparing and contrasting

Our Kids Video Book About Bats


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Children's Book About Spiders
Create a Comparison and Contrast Map

Create your own comparison and contrast map about spiders and bats here. Print it when you are finished. If you do not have a printer, take a picture of it. Bring it to class and you can share it with the class. See the example below.

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