The Hunting Grounds

documentary analysis


The purpose of the documentary hunting grounds was to show the seriousness of rapes on campus through personal experience, statistic, and how rape cases are treated.

Defining the Purpose

The purpose of this film was about rapes on college campus. It explains how colleges handle this situations. Students that have been victims to being raped reached out and told their stories. Now they are trying to figure out ways to prevent this things from happening.

Achieving the Purpose

An a example used in the documentary "The Hunting Grounds" was how rape cases were treated. Some cases were forgotten about because they worried about the school rep and some of their athletes were involved. Another example used were personal experience. Lots of women spoke about how they were sexually assaulted in college on campus and the pain they are still going through thinking about. A third example they used were statistics. Two statistics used talked about how more than 16% of college women are sexually assaulted while in college and how 88% of women on campus do not report sexually assaults.


After watching the film "The Hunting Ground" it's frustrating seeing this and hearing stories that the victims went through. It has changed my mind about how sexually assault cases are handle on college campus. Have to be careful on college campus and be aware of your surroundings.