The Tell-Tale Heart

Edgar Allan Poe


The narrator was insane in the story and didn't like the old man's eye. He said, "He had the eye of a vulture --a pale blue eye, with a film over it." He wanted to kill the old man because of his eye. He then made up his mind to take the old man's life from him. Now this is the point. "You fancy me mad." He also said. He was never kinder to the old man than during the week he killed him.


He went into the old man's room at 12:00am every night the first eight nights. It was the eighth night and he went into the old man's room and he had his lantern light with him and his thumb slipped on the tin, he awoke the man! After the old man woke up, he stayed up an entire hour and the insane narrator kept still for the entire hour until the old man fell asleep with the one eye open. He quickly removed him from his bed, puts the mattress on top of him to kill him and then he cuts him up and buried his body under the floorboards in the living room.


After the old man gets buried under the floorboards, someone came and knocked on the door, the man opened it and the police were standing there. The man was freaked out but still allowed them to come in the house, and gave them a quick tour. The man asked what made them come so late so they told him that they had gotten a call from the neighbors saying they heard a scream. The man denied everything and said that the old man had went on vacation. When the police started questioning the man, he is disturbed by the sound of the old man's heart beating under the floorboards. He was so disturbed that he finally confesses to the police about killing the old man and shows them where he hid the man's body. "True, I'm nervous. Very, very dreadfully nervous." He said to the police.

Bri Wilson

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