Palestine Libertion Organisation

By Preston Kerr

Who They Are

The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) was established in May 1964 in Jordan. The Palestine Liberation Organisation was a group that sort to combine various Arab organisations under one banner. The PLO’s primary objective was to gain, though from their point of view regain, the land handed by the United Nations to Israel. The PLO's impact on recent Middle East history has been marked

What Did They Do?

Their most infamous act was carried by a group inside of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation called 'Black September'. During the Munich Olympics, in 1972, 'Black September' killed to athletes and took nine others hostage. Then when the German police tried to rescue the hostages, 'Black September' killed the hostages and 2 police officers, 5 of them dying as well. The other terrorists were imprisoned but just six weeks later, they were flown to Libya, as a German airliner had been hijacked by ‘Black September’ and the threat of killing all on board was enough to win the freedom of those who had been involved in the Munich murders.
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