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All living things on earth need water in order to survive.

The Water Cycle

The energy to drive a water cycle comes from the sun.water changes from vapor, to liquid ,to solid ,and back to liquid again

When the sun shines onto areas of water, the water warms up and rises into the air as a gas called water vapour. This process is called evaporation. When water vapour in the air cools, it changes back into droplets of water. The tiny water droplets gather together to make a cloud. Eventually, the water droplets in the cloud fall to earth as rain or snow.

Rain and water from melted snow runs down into lakes and rivers, into drains and eventually into the ocean. Water evaporates and becomes water vapour and so on. This is called the water cycle because it goes on continuously: water never stops moving

Go here for an excellent animation that illustrates the water cycle.



did you know

Water is used to make electricity. It is called hydro-electricity. Go here for the kidcyber page about hydro-electricity


The water cycle

Author David smith

First published 1993

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what makes water move and water pollution

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