Welcome to Preschool!

Ms. Conry and Ms. Adams are so excited to meet you!

Meet the Teachers

Ms. Conry

Hi! I'm Ms. Conry, the new Pre-K teacher at Oak Hill this school year! I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Theatrical Performance from Truman State University and am pursuing my Masters of Early Childhood Education at UMSL. Formally I was a building sub at Oak Hill. In my free time I love to grab a cup of coffee and ride my bike around Tower Grove Park. I am very passionate about growing young minds and am excited to meet you and your child!

Ms. Adams

Ms. Adams will be your child's assistant teacher this year! She has worked in the district as a preschool assistant for over thirty years. She is dedicated, kind, and very knowledgeable.

What is My Child Going to Learn and Do in Preschool? Connect on Class Dojo!

As you know, preschool is the very important start to you Childs school career. Together we will be forming the building blocks of literature, math, and science so that reading, writing, and arithmetic is possible when your child is ready. This year, we will also be focusing on your Childs social emotional skills such as sharing, caring, and respect. My hope is that we will work as a team (parent-teacher) to provide your Child with the best educational experience possible. To access more about your Childs learning and connect to supporting your child at home...

PLEASE use the link below to connect on class Dojo! Do it now!

Link: https://www.classdojo.com/invite/?c=CNVLCR2

On class Dojo you can connect with your students learning, see pictures of students working and be provided questions to ask your child at home that correlate to what they are learning in school. No more wondering what your child learned at school because it will be in Class Dojo!

Important Information!


  • On the first day of school bring an extra full set of cloths in case of accidents or messes and a blanket for nap time.
  • In Pre-K we will be painting, making, playing, going outside, running, and spilling! Please send your child in appropriate cloths that can get a little dirty (or a lot). This will help your child feel stress free when exploring and learning..
  • For safety reasons we require students to wear close toed shoes. NO sandals or flip flops allowed.

The Most Important Thing to Bring to School: A Good Nights Sleep

  • Please allow your child to get a goodnights sleep every night before school, 8-10 hours. Turn off their electronics and stow them out of reach until the morning! We have letters to learn, books to read, and apples to count so lets work together to get your child to bed.

Other Things to Bring

  • If you want to bring in some extra Kleenex or school safe snacks it would be appreciated but it's not required.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns at all do not hesitate to reach out over class dojo (at this link: https://www.classdojo.com/invite/?c=CNVLCR2). I will also be calling parents before the start of the school year so you will have my number! Feel free to text me at (319) 883-2935 and I will reply when I am able to, however the cell service in our classroom is limited.

If you need to contact me urgently during the school day, call the front desk at this number:

(314) 481-0420

I welcome you to put these numbers in your phone!

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