The Paladin Prophecy

By Mark Frost

Review by Michael McDonough

The Paladin Prophecy is written from the perspective of Will West, a seemingly average high school student, but he is about to unlock his full potential and awaken. He and his parents frequently move from city to city and never stay in the same place for very long. His father gave him a list of rules to live by designed to keep him safe and off the RADAR, all this helps his family remain anonymous and safe from something Will’s parents won’t tell him about. Up until this point he has thought that everything is the way it’s supposed to be, but he has begun to notice strange things and overhear odd conversations between his parents.

One day at school he has to take a standardized test that he completes in record time with a perfect score, a few days later a representative from a highly prestigious private school for the gifted comes to his high school to tell him about a full scholarship. That same day his mother starts acting very different and his father keeps sending him strange texts telling him to run, when they arrive home he discovers black SUVs parked at his house and he is forced to run. He eventually ends up at a school called The Center and thinks he is safe, he begins to make friends and together they begin to discover the connections the school has the people who are hunting him and what his parents were hiding. From the very begging questions are asked and left unanswered but when an answer reveals itself much more disturbing questions emerge. This book is great for anyone but is more appealing toward teenagers/young adults. You will not want to put the book down and when you finish you will wish the sequel was already in your hands.

Author Bio

He was born in Brooklyn and has been writing since he was only 10 years old.
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