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The creation if birth control!

In 1951 two individuals with the name of Gregory Goodwin Pincus and Margret Stanger decided to come together to make a oral contraceptive. In the same year Carl Djerassi, a chemist in Mexico City, creates a pill by synthesizing hormones from Mexican yams. On a chemical level the pill has been invented, but Djerassi isnt equipped the test, produce or sell.

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Was using the pill frowned upon?

In the mid 1950s, the use of the pill by an unmarried woman were judged differently, depending on their social class. Many people frowned upon single women from the middle or upper classes using the pill, or any form of birth control, because it implied, correctly, or not only that these women were having sex but that they were planning ahead for it. the moral implications of sexual activity among lower-class unmarried women elicited less concern than did the economic effect of unwanted babies. women who requested oral contraceptives found their physicians became more active participants in their medical care and in so doing ultimately helped to shifted the power in the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

We chill with the pill!

The basic birth conrol pill has not really changed much sense the 1950's. Except now it is made to fit a single womans body, its not a generalization anymore.

What led to the creation of the pill?

The Baby Boom was a major factor in the creation of the pill. Women who couldn't suppor children at the time could take the pill to keep them from having children they couldn't support. Giving them time to save and get prepared for their children.

From beginning to end.

Gregory Pincus, an American physician, biologist, and researcher during the 20th century. Early in his career he began studying hormonal biology and steroidal hormones, but his first breakthrough came in 1934 when was able to produce in vitro fertilization in rabbits. In 1953, Margaret Sanger and Katherine McCormick confronted Pincus with the idea of creating an oral contraceptive. He sought out Searle, a pharmaceutical company, about funding for their plan. Searle's initial reaction was 'no' because it jeopardized his company due to the austere birth control laws. Despite the fact that Searle had no intention of creating an oral contraceptive, Frank Colton, a chemist at the company, accidentally developed a type of one. Pincus was allowed to have samples of the drug for his research and in 1957 The Pill was released as a treatment for gynecological disorders. Then finally, in 1960, it became FDA approved and by 1963, 1.2 million women were using it. Although Searle was originally reluctant to fund such research for an oral contraceptive, he soon reaped the rewards of the newly invented Pill, and monopolized the industry for a short time.

Why was the pill a turning point?

I believe that the pill was a turning point in American History. For one, it would keep many women from having children they could not support. Two, it was working women, unmarried, not necessarily having sex but single women, and it was another method of protection besides the condom. The pill was liked more than using a regular latex condom.

The Pill, a great invention must I say!