Nepal's water situation

By: Morgan, Victoria, Connor, and Thomas

Population and Statistics

There is 26.6 million people that live in Nepal. 42% of people that live there are below the poverty line. That means a lot of them can't get cleaner water. 80% of people have access to drinking water even if it isn't clean. 44,000 kids are dying from waterborne illness.
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Why is the water unsafe?

The water is polluted with trash and chemicals. The water comes from the sewage system. The ground water is contaminated with arsenic, a deadly chemical. The water is very unsafe for people to drink because they would die from all of the unhealthy things that are in the water.
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What's the problem?

The water crisis in Nepal is a problem mostly due to the population, as the population grows more and more people need water. The water availability decreases as the need for water increases. Water is a necessity for human survival, and humans won't survive without it. So they need more water availability to support the population in Nepal.
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One of the things we can do is limit factory use which less pollutes the water, also we can supply more filters to filter out the pollutants in the water so it is able to be drinkable. The population is also a factor that is limiting water in Nepal, the population is so great, so decreasing the population could help the water issue also.