Let's talk about you and me.....

BEATRIZ Martinez


  • Be funny and goofy around me
  • Love sports as much as I do
  • A gentleman is always welcomed
  • Except me for who I am
  • Be self-confident, but cocky
  • Positive attitudes will really make my day


  • Do not be really cocky
  • Definitely do not try to control me
  • Never ignore me when i need you
  • Don't loose faith in me
  • Never ever put down the sport i love the most

Dream Date

Meet in the tunnels of chuck E cheese, remember its a place to be a kid. Just be goofy and yourself, you'll see my smile will never fade. The only thing that matters is that we're having fun being with each other. Playing games winning tickets just for a silly prize it won't matter its just to make memories. We sit down and eat just talking about things that make us smile even more. Its just perfect never being bored when you're around. All ending at night walking through the park the moon shining in the water just holding each others hand knowing neither of us want to let go. A kiss good night when its time to leave.

famous quote

My Quote

"Before I met you I didn't believe Romeo and Juliet died because of love."
~~~~ Beatriz Martinez