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-March 2017-

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From the Office


We talk a lot about Monroe PRIDE around here. Hopefully, by now, your kids have come home talking about how they have shown their PRIDE at school and how they have been recognized with a PRIDE slip. If you haven't heard about it, talk to your student about it more: PRIDE stands for Preparedness, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence.

We love to point out the great things that we see going on. That is what school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is all about. Within each area of school, we reinforce the positive behaviors we want there. For example, when in the hallway: PRIDE means being ready with all materials, walking, keeping hands and feet to self, speaking softly (if at all), walking with a purpose and facing forward while moving.

PRIDE is not just a "Monroe thing." It is something that carries over to the expectations for kids at home and in the community. I came across this pamphlet for families to use at home. It lists 8 Tips for parents to use when your child displays challenging behaviors. Since kids can show "challenging" behaviors from time to time, I thought you might like these tips as much as I did. Click here for the link to the article.

Have a great March!

Steve Johanson

A special Thank You!!

Thank you to the Monroe PTO! One of the 3 new water bottle filler fountains has been installed. It is great! The students and staff are enjoying using it! Also, thank you to Elkay for helping the PTO be able to buy all three fountains at a reduced cost.

Monroe News Cast-MNC

Make sure to watch the Monroe News Cast! The students have been working hard on putting together a weekly broadcast about school happenings, teacher interviews and Monroe PRIDE.

Monroe Cookbook

The Monroe PTO is making a cookbook! Information will be coming home with students in their Tuesday Folder requesting their favorite recipes (they enter them online). Each grade will have the opportunity to draw custom divider pages (main dishes, desserts, appetizers, etc). The winning designs will go in the book!

The timeline is tight. Recipes can be submitted from Feb. 27-March 10 and the book will go to the publisher on March 17.

Go to, click Login

Username: Monroe

Password: boiling475

enter your name and click Continue

click add recipes (or 'view recipes' first to avoid duplicates)

enter the recipe and submit

No School

  • There will be No School for students grades K-8 on Friday, March 10.
  • There will be No School for students grades K-5 on Friday, March 24.
  • There will be No School for students K-12 on Monday, March 27.

See you back at school on Tuesday, March 28!


For students who attend the after school ExCEL Program, there will be no classes on the following dates.

  • No ExCEL March 13-15
  • No ExCEL March 20-22

Spring Conferences

Grades K-5 Conferences have been scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, March 14 - 3:20-8:00

5th Grade Students with the last name beginning with A-H

  • Thursday, March 16 - 3:20-8:00

5th Grade Students with the last name beginning with I-Q

  • Monday, March 20 - 3:20-8:00

5th Grade Students with the last name beginning with R-Z

Classroom Placements For 2017-2018

In early May, the Monroe Teaching Staff will begin to work on class lists for the 2017-2018 school year. These lists reflect a balance of boys and girls, students' abilities, and other educational needs. If you feel your child in kindergarten through grade 4 has an educational need that should be considered when we place students, send a letter or email to the principal ( by March 31, 2017 stating this need. No phone calls please.

**Requests for specific teachers will NOT be accepted.

**Letters will not be accepted after March 31, 2017.

**If you are moving or changing schools please let the office know ASAP.

PLC- 2 Hour Late Start-March 14, 2017

On the second Tuesday of every month the teachers meet for a Professional Learning Community Meeting. Buses will run 2 hours late on late start days. Monroe School will begin at 10:00 AM, rather than 8:00 AM on these days. To accommodate parents that need childcare on late start days, we will provide supervision beginning at 7:40 AM for students needing this service. However, parents MUST complete the online form to sign your child up. There will be no charge but it is very important that we have an accurate count of students arriving early to plan for adequate adult supervision. You will be asked to complete a registration form for each month. This is the link for the March 14th PLC Sign Up- MARCH PLC. Activities for students during this time may include such things as homework help, quiet reading, and story time. Breakfast will be available serving from 7:40-7:50 AM.

**If you sign your child up and they DO NOT come, we ask that you CALL THE SCHOOL by 8:00 AM that morning as we will be taking attendance.

Children not needing childcare on the late start days should arrive at school between 9:40-9:50. Students arriving to their classrooms after 10:00 AM will be marked tardy.

Late Start Dates: The Second Tuesday of Every Month

  • April 11
  • May 9

Upcoming Testing Dates

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Pictures Needed!

Pictures area needed for the school yearbook. Photos of classroom parties, special days, field trips, or programs are great. All photos can be submitted to Jackie Murray at

~Specialist's Corner~

From the Media Center-Mrs. Hagen

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From the Music Room-Mrs. Hopf

I want to explain our spring “informances” and how they differ from the large performance experience. The informance is a “mini performance” in the music classroom. Each individual class will be showcasing concepts we have covered throughout the school year.

Parents are welcome to attend their students informance time.

Kindergarten and 2nd Grade will be presenting their informances the week of April 3-7.

Each Fourth Grade class will be presenting their informance twice because of class size. They will be presenting informances the weeks of March 29-31 and April 3-7. Please check the times for all presentations below.


Mrs. Substad - Tuesday, April 4 - 11:55-12:45

Mrs. Hammes - Wednesday, April 5 - 11:55-12:45

Mrs. Schemmel - Thursday, April 6 - 11:55 - 12:45

Mrs. Shaw - Friday, April 7 - 11:55-12:45

Second Grade:

Mrs. Wennes - Wednesday, April 5 - 8:55-9:45

Mrs. Scruggs - Thursday, April 6 - 9:45-10:35

Ms. Hoekstra - Friday, April 7 - 8:55-9:45

Mrs. Peters - Friday, April 7 - 9:45-10:35

Fourth Grade:

Mrs. Dickinson - Wednesday, March 29 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names A-L

Mrs. Dickinson - Wednesday, April 5 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names M-Z

Mr. Bjork - Thursday, March 30 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names A-K

Mr. Bjork - Thursday, April 6 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names L-Z

Mrs. Kind - Friday, March 31 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names A-M

Mrs. Kind - Friday, April 7 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names N-Z

From the Art Room-Mrs. Wingen

Can't believe it is already February in the Art room. The students have been hard at work building and creating red clay objects. We will soon be glazing our green ware for the firing process. Remember to set aside May 4th for the all school Monroe Art Fair!

From the Gym.-Mr. Carlson

Thank you for supporting the JumpRope for Heart! Our school raised $4817.00 to donate to the American Heart Association. Great job students!!

April and May will go fast and have many changes to become more active. Spring brings warmer weather and longer days. Encourage your son/daughter to reduce screen time and get outside to play. We will be outside developing cardiovascular fitness and cooperative team game/activities. 5th grade will be wrapping up their bowling unit by taking a field trip to the WOW Zone. 4th and 5th grade will be doing an all new fishing unit. We will learn how to tie hooks, bait hooks, cast, and take the fish off the hook. Our culminating activity will be a field trip to Spring Lake to fish. The last week off school we will have our annual "Field Day". K-2 will participate in the afternoon and 3-5 will participate in the morning. It is always a lot of fun and will require many volunteers to run the stations. Look for a sign up form in early May.

~News From the PTO~

PTO News

A big thank you to Rose Voss for volunteering to be the PTO Secretary! It is greatly appreciated. PTO wouldn't make it without parents like you!

Monroe PTO-Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2017

Welcome and Introduction:

Meeting was called to attention by President Jackie Murray at 6:30 pm on 2/20/17. There were 9 people in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:

This was graciously done by Nicole Helget. Rose Voss has agreed to take on the vacant secretary position along with her multiple other PTO chairs. This report was approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

The PTO has $24,566 after paying for the night out at the Children’s Museum/ Book fair. There were also payments for refrigerator parts and a new microwave in the teacher’s lounge and field trips. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Principal’s Report:

  • Educare basket – This year’s basket is a whole lot bigger than a basket ☺ This year’s theme is “Indulgence“ and includes a massage table and many other delightful goodies.
  • Testing season – March Madness is coming to Monroe, but in testing and not basketball. The first round of testing starts the first week of March, and will continue through May. Good Luck Mustangs!!!!
  • One of the three water fountains was installed and the staff and students love it!!

Teacher Requests:

  • The media center is looking to get some new headphones for the testing season. The PTO asked if the some or all of this could be supported by the District Technology budget. This will be tabled until the next PTO meeting.
  • The teacher request from Mr. Miller last month was discussed. These funds are already allocated and approved in the yearly budget. Math Master’s will continue their tradition of celebrating their hard work and accomplishments with pizza and ice cream.


Mark Roemhildt to discuss the benefits of Boy Scouts and the benefits to the students and the community. He is looking for parent volunteers to restart Boy Scouts in the Monroe area. If interested please call him at 507-387-3123 or email him at

Committee Reports:

  • Cookbook Fundraiser – This was approved by the PTO to move forward with this project to help fund the snack cart. This will be an exciting way to show off your cooking talents! The cookbook will have recipes from teachers, staff and students!!! Dig up your favorite recipe to share with the school. Recipes can be added online by going to the username is Monroe and the password is boiling475.
  • Color Run – WE ONLY NEED 22 MORE VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE THIS YEAR’S COLOR RUN HAPPEN!! If we cannot get the volunteers to sign up, the event will be cancelled. Last year’s event was an amazing opportunity to come together as a community to socialize, exercise and support the Monroe snack cart program. Please sign up at
  • Conference meals – Conferences are March 14th, 16th and 20th. It was decided that PTO could offer 2 meals this year for conferences. A soup/sandwiches night and a taco bar. The sign up genius will be sent out for food donations. Please help us show the teacher and staff how much we appreciate all the time and effort they dedicate to our children!!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:28pm!!


~Coming Soon~


3/1-Wear Green Day

3/1-3/13-NWEA Testing-(See attached schedule for more information)

3/2-Wear Your Favorite Hat Day

3/2-Donuts for Dad/Muffins for Mom- 1st Grade

3/3-Wear Pajamas/Comfy Clothes Day

3/8-Water Festival-4th Grade

3/10-No School-Grades K-8

3/13-3/15-No ExCEL

3/13-PTO Meeting 6:30, Media Center

3/14-PLC 2-Hour Late Start

3/14-Conferences 3:30-8:00

3/16-Conferences 3:30-8:00

3/20-3/22-No ExCEL

3/20-Conferences 3:30-8:00

3/24-No School-Grades K-5

3/27-No School-Grades K-12

3/28-McEducator Night-1st Grade, 4:30-7:00--McDonald's on Hwy. 169

3/29-Music Informance, Dickinson- Families with last names A-L, 10:35-11:25

3/30-Music Informance, Bjork-Families with last names A-K, 10:35-11:25

3/31-Music Informance, Kind-Families with last names A-M, 10:35-11:25


4/4-Open Door Dental

4/4-Music Informance, Substad

4/5-Music Informance, Hammes

4/5-Music Informance, Wennes

4/5-Music Informance, Dickinson- Families with last names M-Z

4/6-Music Informance, Schemmel

4/6-Music Informance, Scruggs

4/6-Music Informance, Bjork-Families with last names L-Z

4/7-Music Informance, Shaw

4/7-Music Informance, Hoekstra

4/7-Music Informance, Peters

4/7-Music Informance, Kind-Families with last names N-Z

4/11-PLC 2-Hour Late Start

4/12-Planetarium Trip-Hatlestad & VanOverbeke

4/12-Last Day of ExCEL

4/13-Planetarium Trip-Eccles & Jaqua

4/14-No School

4/17-4/27-MCA Testing-Grades 3-5-(See attached schedule for more information)

4/17- PTO Meeting 6:30, Media Center

4/20-Kindergarten Round-Up, 4:30 & 6:00

4/24-McEducator Night-Kindergarten, 4:30-7:00--McDonald's on Hwy. 169

Monroe Tuesday Folder

Tuesday Folder

Click on link above to view the Tuesday Folder.

~lunch Menus~

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