20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


This book is about a crew and how they go around the world n a submarine called the Nautilus. The crew goes through its misfortunes like Ned was attacked by a shark when he found treasure. They fight a giant squid, get surrounded by the navy, they storm through ships and make it sink to. with walking in the ocean in iron suits and only a spear gun and your friends to help u along is a dangers thing to do. (To the right is the Nautilus.)


It starts out with a bang with talking about two ships sinking in the ocean. So the USA sends out a a ship to investigate called the abraham Lincoln. It was a good and also good classic. Its a recognizable book to older people and to most elders. This book was so good it had to makes of the movie and both of the movies we're amazing according to credits. (On the left is one of the many covers of the book.)