and other Raptors


Raptors are Dinosaurs that run very fast and are small and medium in size. Every raptor has a large slashing claw on each foot, such as Velociraptors. Most raptors hunt in packs, but some hunt alone. Any way raptors hunt, they are ferocious.

Dino Extinction

65 million years ago, dinosaurs died out. Paleontologists think dinosaurs died out because of a huge metitorite that hit the earth, and caused a huge mass explosion, maybye a volcano erupted and the dust and ashes flew into the air and blocked out the sun for days. It was too cold for the dinosaurs to survive, or a long drought struck and the plants didn't have enough water to survive and they died. The Herbivores that ate the plants, starved and they died too, then the Carnivores that ate the Herbivores died out...and it has been like that forever.