2013-2014 Class


Technology Class

This year in technology we've done tons of cool and fun online learning websites to give us the skills of the new 21st century skills we will need to get into collage get a job and get through some of the toughest times of our lives


1. In imovie it allows you to insert music of your own or it also has music imported in the app that you can choose.

2. In your movie you can stop and edit it right in the middle of the video.

3. And what it think is the best is that you can video tape right in the app or insert pictures and videos from your camera role.


1. In this app you get to record your own trailer for your "movie" and you can make it your very own creation

2. It allows you to choose a theme and music to go with your topic or idea.

3. You also edit the cut scene to your liking to make you trailer that much better.

Haiku Deck

1.In haiku deck it allows you to choose pictures of your liking and make them as your background.

2.Also you can make different layout for you text boxes and allow you to put bullet points.

3.Plus what I think is the best is that you are allowed to have as many sides as you want and up to five bullet points.

Explain Everything

1.In explain everything you can use a laser pointer to explain your project even better.

2.It also allows you to stop and edit your recording so you can choose the best one for your project.

3.Also you get to use the microphone for your project to explain it the best way possible.

Go Animate

1.In this app you can make add props and voices to you characters and backgrounds.

2.Also you get to choose a theme, but you can always change it, and to whatever theme you pick you get a pick of characters that go with you theme.

3.You can also get different movement and actions for each character and they will fall as you command