Small Medium at Large

by Joanne Levy

Snapshot of A Book

A dramatic change comes into Lilah Bloom's life when her mom gets remarried and it isn't that her dad finally has to realize he's not getting back together with Lilah's mom. When Lilah is struck by lightening right after the wedding, she wakes up hearing voices. Sure, some of those voices are her family members and some are medical personnel. Those are to be expected. The unexpected thing is for Lilah to be hearing her grandma Bubby Dora.

Bubby Dora died four years earlier, but she wants Lilah to help find her dad a new wife. Lilah finds her grandma's project a bit daunting. Wouldn't helping her grandma haunt someone be easier? When Lilah gets back to school she quickly discovers she can hear more than just her grandma. From a former bandmate of her music teacher to a lunch lady who doesn't quite grasp being retired, Lilah finds herself in unlikely conversation after conversation.

Besides dealing with the awkward situations the ghosts inadvertently put her through, Lilah's also dealing with more typical middle school challenges. There's the guy she has a crush on but horribly embarrasses, a mean eighth grade girl heckling her and a sleepover full of drama.

Quotes and Thoughts

"Maybe he'll learn a few things," said someone, who sounded distinctly like me dead grandmother. "He could use some tips on courting." - p. 23

"I will not be speaking with any of you today. I am just returning to school and need some peace and quiet to catch up on my studies. I'll address you when I'm good and ready!" - p. 37 to the ghosts at school.

"Great. My self-esteem was getting a beating from ghosts." - p. 51

Small Medium at Large does a wonderful job of blending the frustrating roller coaster of middle school with humor. Alex, Lilah's best friend, makes a good foil for Alex. I think the father's dating misadventures may resonate with young readers in that same situation.

I loved the wrinkles caused in Lilah's life when Mr. Finkel makes an appearance and complicates Lilah's crush on Andrew all the more.

Books on My Mind

I won a copy of this book from a contest the author held.