Cordata Weekly Bulletin


Good Monday morning, Cordata!

Last Thursday evening, Bellingham Public Schools held its annual retirement dinner, and our own Nina Richardson was among those honored. Kristi Dominguez shared some lovely reflections and stories from NIna's career in all her roles in Bellingham Schools. Congratulations, Nina! It was an honor to hear you celebrated in that way!

Below is a pic of Nina receiving recognition, along with some Cordata Bobcats showing of their interests and talents in the Talent Show and in after school clubs. Thanks, LIs, for organizing another great talent show! And thanks, Robyn, for your hard work facilitating clubs this year!

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The week ahead - 6/3 - 6/7

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The SEL Calendar, from now through the end of the year, focuses on continuing your class meetings, solving problems as they arise. Those of you using Caring School Communities as your key resource should continue to pull from the Topic Weeks to guide your SEL instruction.

Upcoming Dates

  • June 6 - 2:00-3:00 - Cert Staff Collaboration Time - SGC's in the library
  • June 7 - 5th grade track meet
  • June 10 - 8:45 am - (this is tentative, stay tuned for confirmation) - Show Club performance (includes students from Bennett and Bishop's classes who participated in an after school club)-
  • June 13 - 1:00-2:00 - SGC - Cross grade level SGC meetings - K and 1st; 2nd and 3rd; 4th and 5th
  • June 13 - 2:00-3:00 - SGC - Cross grade level SGC meetings - 1st and 2nd; 3rd and 4th; K meeting for class placement
  • June 14 - Teacher's Theater!
  • June 19 - Field Day - this is tentatively being planned with the support of Cornwall Church volunteers . . . much more info to come. If you have ideas, send them to Analisa.
  • June 20 - last day of school - morning assembly followed by all-school recess and yearbook signing
  • June 20 - Last day of school, and All Staff CELEBRATION at Dan's house! (Thanks, Dan, for hosting our crew for a potluck!)

Other News and Information

  • This is a repeat announcement from last week - classroom teachers, please make sure you've connected with your teams to do the following:
    Classroom teachers, please connect with your teams and send me your thoughts on two important things:
    1) Grade level supply order - Laura will be sending you a document that contains last year's order, which you will need to update and send back to her. Please pay careful attention to overall costs. We anticipate that building budgets will be decreasing next year. I am not asking you to decrease your spending, I know these supplies are necessary. But I will be asking you to watch your supply usage closely, and conserve where you can. It will be more difficult to replenish as we go with the reduced budget
    2) Intervention and specials schedule - We will be working on the intervention and specials schedule over the summer. If your grade level has requests for changes, or liked your schedule as it was, please send Analisa an email with that info. I cannot promise that everyone will get their first choice, so will ask you to stay flexible with this. But do let me know if you have preferences.

  • Our Cordata PTA made the decision last Tuesday to disaffiliate from the Washington State PTA organization. Some people refer to this as "disolving the PTA." I prefer to think of it as transitioning to another form of parent support. We have the support of the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, a few very interested and supportive parents, and a model to follow from Birchwood Elementary. We'll call our new group Friends of Cordata. There won't be membership fees or officers, two things that seem to have become barriers for our PTA. But there will be opportunities for parents to have a voice, be involved, and help to plan a few key events each year. Cordata staff, your voices will be needed too! Please continue to reach out to families that you know to invite them to watch for upcoming information, and be invovled!

In closing . . .


Smiling is exceptionally good for you! Did you know that . . .

  • Smiling and laughing lower your blood pressure, and that reduces your risk of heart disease.
  • Smiling, even when you're not feeling particularly happy, helps your body manage stress! When you smile during a stressful task, your heart rate decreases.
  • Smiling has been shown in scientific studies to be linked to better immune function, pain reduction, and longer life!

So in the busy-ness of the end of the school year, stop and smile and laugh together. And watch this video from our after school Songwriting club! I PROMISE it will make you smile!

For the silence on smiling, check out this article.