WW-P High School North

"Home of the Northern Knights" Faculty Bulletin: June 6-10th

Weekly Calendar

Monday, June 6th:
EOY Biology Assessment Make Up Exam
11:00am: Spanish Honor Society Induction @ HSN Rm. 208/209
3:00pm: Faculty Meeting; Independent Work Time

Tuesday, June 7th:
EOY Biology Assessment Make Up Exam

Wednesday, June 8th:
7:30pm: A Cappella Concert @ HSN Band Room

Thursday, June 9th:
7:00pm: Senior Awards Night @ HSN Theater

Friday, June 10th:
7:30pm: Recital: Chamber Groups & Steel Band Concert @ HSN Rm. 303

A Big Thank You!!

A big thank you goes out to our senior class and their advisors, Ms. Biro and Ms. McDowell for the gifts our retirees received on Friday. We certainly appreciate everyone's support for our staff and faculty.

Reminder- After Graduation Party

Just a reminder for staff that our after graduation party will take place at the Parlour in Bordentown starting at 1pm. If you haven't done so already, please reach out to Patti Walsh and let her know you will be attending.
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"Formative vs summative assessment – and unthinking policy about them" by Grant Wiggins, Feedback & Formative Assessment- Aug. 2011

I received a nice query by email the other day and I thought readers might find my reply helpful.

Within my district there is quite a debate going on about the difference between formative and summative assessments. Specifically, the administration in my school district has developed a common syllabus for our teachers this year which states that 30% of a student’s grade should be made up of formative assessments (homework, journals, etc.) and the remaining 70% should be made up of summative assessments (quizzes, tests, exams). I am on the side that is arguing that a formative assessment should never be graded – it is supposed to be used as a tool to evaluate teaching so that adjustments can be made to instruction.

I write you in hopes of getting a clear and concise definition of a formative assessment. Can they be graded? If so, how are graded and ungraded formative assessments different from one another?

I’ll need to qualify my answers by distinguishing between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ and in terms of the meanings of the key terms.

In theory, I would define ‘formative’ assessment as...
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Best wishes to all of our North senior athletes who will continue their athletic career in college! #knightpride

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Group 3 STATE CHAMPION!!! John Owens CRUSHES school record with a jump of 23-8!!!