Math Curriculum Previews

digital options for curriculum sharing


Because your previews are print-heavy and the visuals are a big part of what teachers need to see, a Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation will probably be the basis of your "flipped" previews. Zoom is a video-conferencing tool that allows you to share your screen (with the ppt running) and it also shows a window with a web-cam video of you as you go through the presentation. (This is what Mary Valamides used for her recent previews.) I can help with this, and these presentations can be "live" or recorded.

So, your choices include:

  • powerpoint with recorded voice-over by you
  • powerpoint with Zoom video-conference tool (web-cam of you recorded)
  • powerpoint with embedded quizzes and embedded share pages
  • mixture of all of these?

Step 1: Pull up Preview PPT

Open the Curriculum Preview in Powerpoint. There is a Camtasia add-in that we can download onto your computer to make recording on the ppt very simple.

Step 2: Build Quizzes to Insert into the PPT

Google Forms is a great way to create interaction with your preview materials. You can embed them easily because they are on-line. They can be short or long, and there are many types of answer options. They also make the previews accountable because all responses are automatically collected into a spreadsheet that you will see in your Google Drive. If you give your teachers a window to watch and respond to the on-line previews, you can quickly see who has done it or not. It will be easy to share this information with PLC leaders and campus admin.

After the window closes for response, you can share some of the responses in a digital format on a Google doc, Padlet wall, or as an e-mail attachment.

Click Below to See a Simple Sample Form

Padlet Walls for Sharing

I know that sharing is an important part of the reviews, so Padlet walls would make this happen in a virtual way. I have linked information about Padlet below.

Help? Please Count Me In!

Google Forms

I know that you are very, very busy, so if you would like for me to create the Google Form quizzes/interactive elements, I will do those for you. You can just send me the questions you want the teachers to answer for each preview and I can build those and share them with you in a shared Google folder. I will make you an editor on them, so if you want or need to change them, you will be able to.


I also could make Padlet walls for teachers to share images and lesson links with each other. After I made these digital walls, I would just share the links with you and we could embed them into the preview presentations.