Meet your Community Liaison

Ana Hershberger

A little about me

Ms. Ana Hershberger

UAG-Class of 1987

Major in Information Systems


I like to knit, crochet, read, go to the beach, play tennis and cook.

What I do

The work we do as Community Liaisons is to build on interactive methods that bridge communication between our school and the community and to help our students and their parents in a safe environment. We support in facilitating families access to communication and resources. We strive to make our greatest efforts to preserve our connections and encourage learning for both our students and their families.

Student and Parent Resources at MGM

  • Interpretation and Translation Support
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings
  • Food Pantry
  • Parent Workshops
  • Family and Community Forums
  • PEP'Squad Parent Group on Fridays

Ana Hershberger's Contact Info

Phone (760) 631-2502 Ext. 89008