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Sale on hand beaded jewelry

Cynthia Padilla’s hand beaded jewelry is on sale until Feb.14th @ 20% off

Bracelets run approximately $35.00 each at the original cost.


Hamilton City High School Student Body's Olive Oil

We are now carrying Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 250 ml for $ 8.00 a bottle. Grown on Hamilton High School Farm, pressed and bottled at Lucero Olive Oil in Corning, California. This is the second year of production. The first year they produced 500 bottles a this year they pressed 1200 bottles.

Judie Noffsinger's Art is unique

This bird house was painted on by Judie Noffsinger, It's 4 inches high and a little over 2 inches wide. It would be prefect for a little girl’s room as a decorative piece. The price is $12.00.

This recipe box was painted by Judie Noffsinger. It is 10 inches high and 5 and half inches wide. It would be perfect to sit it in the corner of the counter. It is $ 25.00

This oil can was painted on by Judie Noffsinger. The oil can is about 10 inches high. It is made as a ring holder. It would be perfect to sit on a dresser. The price is $ 25.00.

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