Becoming a Self-Published Author

Your Story Should Be Told

Becoming a Self-Published Author

Do you have a story on your life to tell? Or lessons to share with our youth? What about a mind filled with creative short stories and poetry?

Your story needs to be heard! Many people have the desire to write books yet many don't realize how attainable dong so is. In my Webinar I will guide you step by step on the process to begin writing and ultimately publish your own book. We will begin with confidence builders such as journaling and sharing short stories with family and friends. From there we will discuss the importance of blogging and creating an audience.

The most popular sites will be shared with you to serve as an option for self-publishing. Additionally, the advice from other self-published authors will be disclosed to the audience. Author K.A. Tucker self-published "Ten Tiny Breaths" which went on to be picked up by a major publishing house. This too could be you! We will share stories such as these and the do's and don't of self-publishing.

Most importantly in this Webinar my goal is to make certain that you are aware that your story needs to be heard. There are many life-changing realities that occur from someone getting their hand on just the right book. I believe that you can offer this to the world also. Don't miss out on this wealth full of knowledge!

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  • December 13th 2014
  • 3:30p
  • Online Event