Former Slave from Mississippi

Ike Jackson

My Story

I am a former slave from the state of Mississippi. I was born into slavery and have been a slave until the end of the Civil War. I was seperated from my parents at birth. I became free when the Union seized my ex-master's plantation. After the Civil War i was lonely and afraid. My only concern is to find my parents and hope that the government can provide aid for me.

Reconstruction Act of 1867 (Positive/Social)

Reconstruction Acts of 1867 created 5 military districts to overlook the states. Forced all states to ratify the 14th amendment (gratified citizenship to everyone).

Jim Crow Laws (Negative/Social)

Jim Crow Laws separated the blacks from the whites. Created hate between the black and whites. They were separate but not equal. The segregation laws made almost every African-American in the United States feel less equal. White people were given more privileges while the black people were outcasts.
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Freedmen Bureau (Positive/Economic)

Congress established the Freedmen Bureau in 1865 to help former black slaves and poor whites in the south after the Civil War.

Black Codes (Negative/Social)

Laws placed in the former states of the Confederacy after the civil war. The laws were placed to maintain the white supremacy within the south.
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Ulysses S. Grant (Positive/Political)

Ulysses S. Grant was elected into the White House during the reconstruction era. He supported former Confederate leaders while trying to protect the rights of the newly freed slaves at the same times.

Sharecropping (Positive/Economic)

Sharecropping a form of agriculture. A landowner allows someone to use the land in return for a share of crops produced on the land.

Compromise of 1877 (Political/Economic/Social)

Compromise of 1877 was an unwritten deal that settled the 1876 U.S. Presidential Election, retreated any federal troops within the politics of the South, and ended the Reconstruction Era.
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Ku Klux Klan (Negative/Social)

Reconstruction Era was a fail in my eyes. We were given citizenship, the right to vote, and slavery was abolished but African-Americans were still discriminated through the South. Laws like Jim Crow Laws were put in place to separate the whites from the blacks. We weren't slaves, we were free, but we weren't equal.