Fourth Grade News

September 16, 2016


This week we compared and contrasted nonfiction texts. We used context clues to help identify vocabulary words. We also practiced the comprehension strategy of rereading the text for meaning. We practiced identifying and writing compound sentences. The phonics skill we practiced were long e words.


In math this week we worked on adding and subtracting whole numbers. We reviewed renaming numbers and comparing numbers. The students also reviewed standard, expanded and written form.

Field Trip

Friday Caitlin Savage, Naturalist came from the Iowa County Conservation Lake Iowa Nature Center. She did a lesson on endangered and threatened animals. She also brought products that were made out of endangered animals that were confiscated. It was a lot of fun and very informative.

Important Info

Homecoming Dress-up Days!

Monday, September 19th- Pajama Day!

Tuesday, September 20th- Hat Day!

Wednesday, September 21st- Wacky Wednesday

Thursday, September 22nd- Class Color Day! 4th Grade- Grey

Friday, September 23rd- Clipper Blue and White Day!

Oct. 18, 19 and 20th - Conferences

Oct. 20th- No School

Science/Social Studies

In social studies this week we learned about the different roles of social scientists. In science we made a conductor detector and we learned what a light bulb does in an electric circuit. We also read and discussed the nonfiction selection, "Edison Sees the Light."


In writing this week we continued to work on publishing our narrative paragraphs. We also started to learn how to use google documents.

Vertical Families

On Thursday we met with our Vertical Families. We came up with a name for our family and played some community building games. The students had a lot of fun getting to know students from different grades.
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